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Google Play Books is an ereader app, letting users read Google ebooks on mobile devices.

A Google books search can be performed through Google Play, helping users discover top bestselling ebooks available for purchase, as well as plenty of free Google books for download. Users can download Google books to numerous mobile devices, and have their ebooks synced across devices, so users can start reading a book on their phone and continue from where they left off on their tablet at home.

The Google Play Books mobile app has some nice features, like the built-in dictionary and the syncing capability, but for the most part Google Play Books does little to set it apart from competing ebook reader apps like Kindle. Google Play Books is the Android equivalent to Apple’s iBook.

Books for Google Play

How to Download Google Books

Downloading Google Books through the Google Play Books mobile app is pretty straightforward – you can browse for books within the app, and download them straight to your drive. Downloaded ebooks are then stored in My Google Books, available to read whenever you want. You can also choose to download the ebook so that it is available for offline reading.

The Google Play Books reader app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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