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Guest Posting Guidelines

Hi there and thanks for your interest in the WordStream blog! We welcome and regularly publish guest posts because they allow us to provide a diverse range of topics and expert insights for our readers. We do get a high volume of requests, however, but if you read and stick to these guidelines, you can expect a much quicker response time from us! 

About the Wordstream blog

If you haven't followed along on our blog, not to worry! But we do ask that you get acquainted with it, since this will help you to come up with a stronger pitch and first draft. 

Our audience

The WordStream blog is an authoritative yet friendly resource that helps make online marketing easy for advertisers, agencies, small to medium-sized businesses and/or their owners, professional marketers, local businesses, students—anyone looking to improve or learn in the digital marketing and advertising space.

Our content

The WordStream blog publishes a wide variety of high-quality content related to online marketing. Here are a few types of content that we’re particularly interested in from guest contributors:

  • First-person accounts of online marketing strategies or tests.
  • How-to guides for online marketing techniques or platforms.
  • Lists of successful and compelling ad strategies or types.
  • Industry-specific advertising advice.
  • Examples/templates to provide starting points or inspiration.
  • New or different angles on common topics.


  • The WordStream blog does not accept previously published, sponsored, or overly promotional content.
  • Backlinks: No more than three backlinks in the post (including your bio)!

How to pitch to us

We love guest posts, but we do get a high volume of requests on a daily basis. As such WordStream only accepts posts that are timely, accurate, actionable, original, and resonate with our audience.

We prefer topic pitches over completed submissions. That being said, here are some best practices that will help us to respond to you faster and, if your topic is a go, get it published sooner.

  • Familiarize with the WordStream blog: Please read a few posts in full, and then do some skimming and exploring to get a feel for our tone, topics, and basic format (lots of headings and subheadings, short paragraphs, images, etc.)
  • Come with ideas: We love it when you come to us with topic ideas or ideally, titles.
  • Check to see if we’ve published your topic already: If we've already published a similar post, consider whether you could write something more up-to-date, or approach it with a fresh angle or different perspective.

    The best way to see if we've covered your topic is to do a site search on Google:
guest posting guidelines site search

This search operator is your best friend. Do not include the brackets in your actual search.

  • Tell us about yourself. If you have a specific experience or expertise that makes you the person to write this post, tell us!
  • Writing samples: Please provide at least one existing writing sample or publication. 
  • Include [GUEST PITCH] in your subject line. It seriously helps!

What we need in your guest post

Once we agree on a topic and you get the go-ahead to start writing, make sure you provide the following:

  • Adequate length: 1,500-2,500 words please!
  • Wordstream links: We'll add more internal links when we're editing the post, but ~3 WS links you add to the post would be great.
  • A short bio at the end: 1-3 sentences about who you are, what you do, and/or what you're passionate about. Feel free to include links to your business website, LinkedIn profile, or social media handles. 
  • Images: All WordStream posts include one image early in the introduction, and additional images every 200-300 words.

Image guidelines

  • We require an image for the header (ideally not other business's branded images) and additional images every 2-300 words whenever possible. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, so don't force it or just fill space with images that add no value.
  • No stock photos please. Images should add value, but the occasional meme or comic is fine.
  • Images don't have to be original (although those are great), just be sure to cite the image by hyperlinking "Image source" at the bottom.
  • Image ideas (not an exhaustive list)
    • Platform screenshots of tactical processes.
    • Graphs, charts, and other visuals.
    • Real-world examples of the strategy or tactic you are describing.
    • Recycled WordStream images—do a site search in Google images ( [image you are looking for] (without the brackets) to see if we have one you can recycle.
    • Google Images- cite the source!
  • The best way to provide images:
    • Paste them right into the Google doc and we can save them off of there.
    • Zoom in before taking screenshots to avoid too-small or pixelated images. Do not take them on external monitors.

Guest posts we love

There are a ton of guest posts on the WordStream blog with great topics, interesting titles, unique perspectives, high-quality images, actionable advice, and engaged readers. The best guest posts, though, have all of these. Here are a few examples of exceptional guest posts that we love:

The process (what to expect)

We get a large volume of guest pitches, so please be patient with us!

Response time to your pitch

This is provided your pitch meets the requirements above (is complete with information about yourself, writing samples, and topic ideas).

We do our best to respond to pitches within 1-2 weeks. If you haven’t received a response after 3 weeks, please do follow up.

Topic/title approval

We'll collaborate on the topic/title and ask you to provide an outline. Once we've reviewed your outline, we'll let you know whether we’ll consider a draft.

Draft review

Just like your pitch, we do our best to review drafts within 1-2 weeks. Follow up after 2 weeks if you haven't heard back.

If the draft does not meet our quality standards (i.e., it cannot be improved without heavy edits), we will not move forward with the post.

If the draft does our quality standards, you can expect the following:


  • Because the content we publish varies so significantly, our process for editing guest posts isn’t strictly defined. We do edit the content to ensure it matches the WordStream style guide.
  • If we need anything on your end— a better quality image, a change to a section, or further elaboration on something, we'll let you know.


Depending on the level of edits needed and our content calendar volume, your post could get published anywhere from 2-4 weeks after you've submitted it. This can be longer if we are particularly backlogged. Either way, we'll let you know early on.


The WordStream blog has been publishing industry-leading content for over a decade and sees over 2.5 million viewers each month.

Social promotion

We promote our content on social regularly. If you’re guest posting for the WordStream blog, we’ll ask for your social information to tag you in our promotion so that you can share with your network, too.

Ready to pitch?

Email Kristen at and please prepend your subject line with [GUEST PITCH]. Thank you!