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AdWords Reporting Tool: The PPC Success Report

AdWords Reporting Tool: The PPC Success Report

For many businesses, AdWords reporting and analysis is huge time sink. Users log into AdWords to check in on a specific metric or track a campaign, but often end up lost in a sea of overwhelming, unintelligible data, wasting valuable time that could be devoted to other areas.

WordStream has a new & improved tool to address marketers’ needs – the Success Report, designed to provide a fast and easy way for businesses to report on their AdWords progress.

The Success Report crafts comprehensive visual reports on key AdWords data sets, enabling users to:

  • Save time on AdWords reporting and analysis.
  • Make sense of AdWords data.
  • Communicate and share AdWords success with team and clients.

The Success Report provides visual metrics that are both information-rich and easy to understand, giving you only the data you need in order to eliminate excessive metrics and confusion. The reports combine valuable data with bright, colorful graphics, offering a refreshing alternative to the bland, dull, and data-bloated reports common with other tools.

The Success Report can be accessed within WordStream Advisor platform. Simply log in to your account and click the “Reports” tab, and select the “Create New Report” button at the top-right of the screen. 

The Success Report offers a comprehensive report divided into mutliple sections: 

  • The Performance Funnel: Shows the funnel path for spend, impressions, clicks, and conversions, as well as information regarding CTR, conversion rate, and CPA.
  • Account Health & Trends:  Offers graphical view of impression-weighted Quality Score, CTR, average CPC, total cost, and CPA.
  • Top Performers: Features a colorful word cloud of your account’s top performing keywords and provides insight into best-performing text ads.

Let’s take a closer look at these three sections…

Performance Funnel: Assessing ROI

reporting tool adwords

The performance funnel illustration shows how your AdWords budget is being used to bring clicks and drive conversions, culminating in your bottom line. This report also shows changes from previous time periods, allowing you to compare your current report with past performances.

Account Health & Trends: Tracking the Key Metrics

The Account Health and Trends section of the Success Report provides charts and graphs to illustrate your AdWords account’s impression-weighted Quality Score, click-through rates, average CPCs, cost, and cost per acquisition(CPA). The report also illuminates how these essential metrics are trending between your selected date range.

account health adwords reporting tool

Top Performers: Which Words Work for Your Business

The Top Performers section of the Success Report shows an account’s highest performing keywords and text ads.

The account’s highest performing keywords are shown in a bright visual word cloud, helping users easily detect which keywords are generating the greatest number of impressions and clicks. The report also shows impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, total cost for the top 5 keywords.

top performers adwords reporting tool

The Top Performers section also shows your AdWords account’s most successful text ads while offering suggestions on how to improve keywords and bolster ad performance.

The Top AdWords Reporting Tool

WordStream’s Success Report streamlines online advertising analysis for marketers – it aims to serve as a key weapon in any small business’s arsenal in the battle against data-overload, useful for both advertisers and agencies.

To summarize, the Success Report lets users:

  • Create visually captivating reports with one click: The Success Report transforms large amounts of data and metrics into an aesthetic infographic-style visual that’s easy to take in and implement.
  • Obtain immediate insight regarding account performance: The personalized report calls attention to the key aspects of your account, letting you focus in on what’s important and communicate information to team members, managers, and clients.
  • Identify where your account needs improvement: The Success Report shows where your AdWords efforts are successful and where they need improvement. You’ll also get actionable tips on how to boost your account.

See how WordStream’s new & improved Success Report can benefit your business! Try it today!

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