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Get a Complete PPC Analysis in 60 Seconds with AdWords Performance Grader Plus

If analyzing your PPC account and revamping your campaigns is on your to-do list, you’re not the only one. And odds are, you’re doing better in certain areas than in others. But how do you tell what your strengths and weaknesses are? How do you know where to get started making improvements? Enter WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader Plus, the free tool that generates a full PPC analysis of your account in 60 seconds or less. No more expensive audits, no more time-consuming or multi-step processes – the AdWords Performance Grader Plus makes it quick and easy for advertisers and agencies to get actionable insight about their account performance in key PPC areas including Text Ad Optimization, Wasted Spend, Quality Score, and Click-through Rate. 

AdWords Performance Grader Plus for PPC Analysis

 And AdWords Performance Grader Plus now has 3 new features that make it more useful than ever for PPC analysis:

  • Performance Tracker reporting: Get a long term snapshot of your account metrics month-over-month 
  • Mobile PPC Readiness Score: Measure your adherence to mobile PPC best practices
  • New & Improved Benchmarks: Assess your PPC performance with increased accuracy

Still not convinced that doing your own PPC analysis can be this painless? Let’s go a little deeper and see how these new features make it a no-brainer. 

Performance Tracker: Analyze PPC Progress Over Time

Anyone who’s ever been in a classroom can tell you that a single grade doesn’t mean a huge amount on its own – it’s all about how much you improve from one grade to the next. Our new Performance Tracker reporting allows you to quickly and easily see how your account performance is trending over time. Compare your current scores with those from previous AdWords Grader reports to see how you’re doing:

Monthly Performance Tracker for PPC Analysis

Not only can you assess your overall account performance over time, Performance Tracker also allows you to zero in on individual metrics such as Quality Score – a valuable comparison that isn’t available anywhere else, through Google or otherwise. You can use this insight and tips from the report to take action immediately on bumping these metrics and reversing damage to your PPC account.  Drill down to see reports in the following areas:

Compare PPC Analysis Reports with Performance Tracker

Mobile Readiness Score: Prepare Yourself for Mobile PPC

With mobile traffic growing 200% each year, it is critical to consider mobile performance as a part of your PPC analysis. The new Mobile Advertising section in AdWords Performance Grader Plus gives you a snapshot of your current level of optimization for mobile. What percentage of your ad spend are you putting towards mobile devices? What percentage are you putting towards tablets? You’ll also see a measurement of your adherence to mobile PPC best practices, including:

  • Mobile-preferred text ads
  • Mobile sitelinks
  • Call extensions

Mobile PPC Analysis with AdWords Performance Grader Plus

As with other sections of the AdWords Grader report, the Mobile Advertising overview arms you with actionable insight so that you can stay on top of trends and quickly take control of your PPC performance. And all without paying hundreds or waiting weeks for a professional audit!

Improved Benchmarks for the Most Accurate PPC Analysis Ever

AdWords Performance Grader Plus has now analyzed over $3 billion in collective ad spend, representing over 20,000 unique AdWords accounts and countless industries. That means our algorithms for calculating PPC benchmarks and judging what defines a “healthy” account are more refined than ever before, and, in turn, means a top-notch analysis for your business.

Don’t waste time or money on a PPC audit – run AdWords Performance Grader Plus today and get a professional report in just 60 seconds. And as always, your report is FREE, easy, and 100% secure. 

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