PPC Automation - The Value of Automating Paid Search Efforts

Automation is the inevitable fate of rote, less-than-stimulating tasks.

If it's mind-numbing and necessary, we as a species will find a robot or a computer that can do it more efficiently. Many of the pivotal tasks necessary for the creation of high-performance pay-per-click marketing is best left to a smart, cost-efficient robot.

The more of this kind of minutiae that you can push off your plate and your staff's, the more man hours you have to play with. The more you can focus on things like creating great content, branding, messaging, and building community for your company or your client's company.

The following tutorial on PPC automation will show you exactly how you can go about automating away redundant, time-consuming, but necessary search engine marketing tasks.

automating ppc: automate away mundane tasks

According to a study conducted by Radar Research, North American SEM expenditures are likely to reach over $20 billion dollars in 2010. How much of this massive spend, in general, must be being thrown at hours of mundane manual optimization? In a recent survey of industry professionals conducted by SEOmoz, 82 percent of respondents claimed to offer "SEO consulting". Meanwhile, only 25 percent of these respondents listed business development and business management amongst their offered services. Only a fourth of the respondents so much as claimed to provide public relations or reputation management for their clients.

Search specialists in both the PPC and SEO fields spend absurd amounts of time researching keywords, creating Quality Score friendly keyword segmentations, doing PPC bid management and generating compelling ad copy. Wouldn't you rather your talent and resources be employed else where? Clearly it would be preferable to automate these redundant tasks.

WordStream's PPC AUtomation Software Solution

WordStream is that automated solution.

Let's take a quick glimpse at a few important metrics within a mature WordStream account:

Manage hundreds of thousands of keywords with WordStream's PPC automation sofware

The highlighted numbers tell the story: WordStream has:

  • Researched.
  • Grouped.
  • Provided automated ad text suggestions.
  • And facilitated a means for interfacing with search engine APIs for hundreds of thousands of keywords.

And yet querying this mass of information takes less than a second. These are not accomplishments that an army of humans could hope to achieve.

The program not only performs these tasks in place of your staff, it performs them better. You simply can't expect humans (even a team of them) to generate the voluminous, relentless flow of long tail key terms that WordStream effortlessly creates for your business. It will:

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The above is an excerpt from the "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Best Practices" whitepaper. To find out more about how to apply WordStream's paid search solutions to your business, download the free whitepaper in its entirety today!