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Guide to Finding Related Keyword Phrases for Keyword Research

Finding related keywords is a critical part of the keyword research process. By discovering keywords that are related but less obvious you can unlock a brand new source of targeted, conversion-friendly traffic to your site.

Thorough keyword research entails uncovering synonyms, variations and semantically related terms and phrases, in addition to phrases that include the keyword you initially set out to research.

Aggregating a list of related keyword phrases is beneficial for both paid and organic search marketing campaigns, in that it helps you:

  • Expand the breadth of your web content coverage for your niche topics
  • Determine which synonyms and variations have the most relative search volume
  • Capture traffic from searchers who may be using less popular variations of your keywords

It’s easy to make related keyword discovery part of your keyword research process when using the Free Keyword Tool by WordStream.

First, just type in the keyword you’re currently researching:


Almost instantaneously, WordStream generates a list of related keyword phrases in addition to thousands of keyword suggestions.


This is particularly powerful because the tool is unveiling new keyword ideas you might not have thought of otherwise.One of the most profitable keyword targeting strategies is identifying vertical keyword opportunities that are related to your core phrase but aren’t obvious. Even if you’re an expert in your field, you can’t possibly anticipate every word or phrase a potential customer might use to describe your business.

Although you can only see the top 100 results here with your free SEO report, simply enter your email address to receive a zipped file of your full list of keyword suggestions and related keyword searches. You can perform as many searches as you want—WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool and the related keyword tool are always completely free of charge.

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