Keyword Opportunities: Turning Keywords into Business Opportunities

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Because every keyword you bid on or optimize content for represents a business opportunity, you can think of your PPC and SEO research as a list of keyword opportunities.

Surprisingly, your best source for new keyword opportunities is not a keyword suggestion tool—no matter how extensive the data set or results. Your own customers are your best resource when it comes to discovering keyword opportunities, and this is data you already own.

Many search marketers don't realize how valuable this private data is. The WordStream keyword management solution is designed to help you analyze and organize your website's analytics and log files to discover keyword opportunities that are:

  • Highly relevant to your business and goals: These are the phrases your own customers have used to find your website.
  • Private and proprietary: Your competitors won't have access to these keywords.
  • Comprehensive and accurate: Unlike data from third-party tools, your keyword traffic and conversion numbers are always reliable and up-to-date. 

Why Discover New Keyword Opportunities?

Keyword research is not a one-time thing. It's never a good idea to formulate a list of keywords and continue to rely on it for months or even years on end. If this is your approach, you're missing out on countless new opportunities for traffic and conversions.

Over time, people use longer and more complex search queries to find information, products and services. If you don't update and expand your keyword research to reflect those new opportunities, your results will flatline, if not degrade.

A Better Way to Find New Keyword Opportunities

Of course, even if you realize the importance of keyword expansion, chances are you don't do it as often as you should. You're juggling a lot of responsibilities, and keyword research takes time. That's why it too often gets pushed onto the back burner (or off the stove completely).

WordStream takes a unique approach to keyword research, allowing you to expand your keyword database continuously while actually improving your productivity. With the help of a JavaScript tracker, WordStream software monitors search-driven visits to your website and automatically adds those new keywords to your database—every day. Your keyword research literally grows while you sleep.

Use WordStream's import options to find keyword opportunities

Even better, because these keywords are based on actual searches that led to your site, they are way more relevant to your business than generic keyword tool results. Real keywords driving real traffic and conversions—these really are business opportunities. You'd be crazy not to factor those insights into your research and leverage them for further optimization.

Turning Keywords into Opportunities, Opportunities into Results

Regularly discovering new keyword opportunities is great, but it's only half the battle. An opportunity is a chance to improve—to actually see that improvement, you have to take action.

WordStream goes beyond keyword analytics to suggest actions you can take to optimize your website and pay-per-click campaigns. For example, if a keyword is driving traffic and conversions but you don't yet have a dedicated ad group or landing page for it, that represents a business opportunity. WordStream helps you prioritize SEO and PPC workflow so you can complete the tasks that will fulfill the biggest opportunities first.

Turn keyword opportunities into results with WordStream workflow tools

Only WordStream provides continuous keyword discovery in an integrated, actionable platform so you can find new opportunities daily and turn them into search-driven results.

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