AdWords View-Through Conversions Definition: What Does View-Through Conversion Tracking Mean?

A view-through conversion is a new type of conversion tracking within Google which measures how many visitors saw your Google Display Network ad but did not click. Google defines the term below:

View-through conversion tracking provides you with additional information related to the value of your display campaigns on the Google Content Network. This feature provides a measure of the number of online conversions that happened within 30 days after a user saw, but did not click, a display ad on one of the sites on the Google Content Network.


You can use view-through conversion tracking to better measure return on investment (ROI) for your display campaigns and optimize your campaigns based on how users are responding to your display ads.

Here are some key benefits of using view-through conversion tracking:

  • You can determine the best places (or sites) to advertise to maximize overall conversions. The reporting data can be used to understand which sites work well for display oriented placement-targeted campaigns.
  • You can optimize your campaign performance based on how users are responding to your display ads, even if they don't click.

If there is a content ad click preceding the conversion, the conversion is treated as a click-conversion. View-through conversions are tracked through the AdSense cookie and they're only reported for display ads on the Google Content Network.

Important note: View-through conversions are not reported for search campaigns or for text creatives in content campaigns.

You need to have conversion tracking implemented in order to get View-through conversion statistics. Google Analytics goals aren't compatible with View-through conversion reporting.

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