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YouTube Mobile App

The YouTube mobile app lets users easily watch the world’s most popular video sharing site on their mobile devices. Currently, 25% of YouTube’s traffic is generated from mobile devices, and mobile video views has increased 300% since 2012.

YouTube for Mobile: App and Site

In addition to the YouTube for mobile phones app, there is also a YouTube mobile site, which users can access on a mobile web browser. The YouTube mobile version can be accessed at the web address m.youtube.com.

The Youtube mobile website and the YouTube mobile app let users watch videos and upload content from their mobile devices. Logging into YouTube on mobile devices continues to give users access to channel subscriptions, friends’ activity, and recommendations.

YouTube mobile video app also lets users comment, share, and subscribe to videos, just as they would on a regular desktop computer or laptop.

The mobile YouTube downloader is available for phones and tablets. YouTube also has an app for smart TVs and gaming consoles, letting you watch full HD YouTube videos across a range of devices.

YouTube on Mobile

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube provides numerous benefits to users, who receive free access to billions of online videos. Google also has a lot to gain from YouTube, through video ad revenue. The new TrueView video ad format, which lets users skip ads after 5 seconds, has helped boost YouTube ad quality, encouraging advertisers to create ads viewers actually want to watch.

YouTube Mobile Download

The free mobile YouTube app can be downloaded from a number of sites, depending on the mobile device. The YouTube mobile for Andriod app is available at the Google Play Store, while the YouTube for iPhone app can be found at the Apple app store.

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