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Finding a base set of keywords can only take you so far. Why repeat your laborious keyword research process over and over when you could use a keyword suggestion tool to continually help you find more keywords that directly relate to your ever-growing list?

WordStream uses your site’s traffic and conversion data and learns from your decisions in your keyword list to help find the right keywords to suggest for you to include in your campaign. Here we’ll show you the benefits of using website keyword suggestion tools and the process of keyword discovery as a key component in your PPC campaign.

Keyword Discovery – A Never-ending Process of Keyword Suggestions

Keyword research and discovery is at the heart of a successful PPC campaign, but it’s a process that many search marketers don’t execute to its full potential simply because it becomes too overwhelming. As a result, search marketers approach keyword research manually and don’t take the continuous, iterative approach necessary to be successful with it.

By working with your site’s data to analyze your traffic and suggest relevant keywords that visitors are using to find you, WordStream prevents you from:

  • feeling overwhelmed.
  • picking ineffective keywords.
  • inadvertently ignoring the unique phrases that will bring you the most success.

WordStream's PPC Platform Provides Actionable Keyword Suggestions

In order to fully dedicate the constant attention needed with keyword research, a search marketer would have to spend every second of his or her day combing through data, searching for new keywords, building a list, and repeating this process. Before long, this becomes impossible, with truly effective keyword lists growing into the hundreds of thousands.

The WordStream Keyword Suggestion Tool is your best keyword tool because it makes decisions about keywords easier for you, freeing up the wasted time you’d spend with slow, unreliable keyword research and offering valid suggestions that open up the breadth of your audience. The neverending snowball effect suddenly becomes a positive, as WordStream's keyword analyzer builds the list for you, taking cues from your site data, and you’re just left to decide whether the words suggested are ones you’d like to keep, and how to organize them.

How Some Keyword Suggestion Tools Could harm Your Campaign

It may sound contradictory, but relying too much on the wrong keyword suggestion tools could actually have a very negative effect on your PPC campaign. Yes, Google, Bing, or Yahoo keyword suggestion tools can actually harm you! How is this possible? Free suggestion tools like Google’s Keyword Tool can help you get started by providing you with introductory analysis based on global search patterns, but they require you to sift through every keyword they offer, the numbers are only estimates, and you have to fuss with manually sorting and managing the keywords in a separate spreadsheet application.

With free tools like Google's keyword tool, you only get as much as you put in, and then you're left to manage the data manually.

If you do want to use a traditional keyword suggestion tool, like the one offered by AdWords, as a starting point to your keyword research, WordStream offers three much better options.

The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream improves on other available keyword suggestion tools in three ways:

  • More: Indexing over a billion unique keywords, it's the most comprehensive and relevant keyword suggestion tool ever.
  • Faster: Near instantaneous results for the top keyword suggestions.
  • Free: You get 10 free searches up-front; then you can use it once a day for free going forward. If you need to use the tool more often than that, we offer a paid Keyword Research Suite with virtually unlimited access to our trillion-keyword database and niche keywords.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool by WordStream

WordStream also offers two free keyword grouping tools that add a layer of structure to your keyword suggestions. Structured keyword groups are far more useful and actionable for both PPC and SEO.

  • The Free Keyword Grouper: Drop in a list of up to 1,000 keywords and this tool automatically groups them into tightly knit, relevant clusters.
  • The Free Keyword Niche Finder: Enter a keyword to discover profitable keyword niches that translate into a high-performance PPC campaign structure and SEO-friendly site architecture.

These tools are a great start to your search marketing research. By using traditional keyword suggestion tools for more than a very broad, introductory analysis or as a supplementary keyword source, you could inadvertently destroy the potential of your PPC campaign. Don't ignore your most qualified visitors by focusing on the wrong keywords, leaving thousands of highly specific long-tail keywords undiscovered and unused.

A Keyword Suggestion Tool that Learns From You

WordStream eliminates the margin for error that other keyword suggestion tools have by helping you sculpt your keyword list instead of building from the ground up every time. Rather than guessing and entering 5-10 of what you think are important keywords and getting a list of 100-200 words that may or may not be related, with WordStream, you rely on your real data to create a continuously growing list of keywords that you know are bringing traffic to your site.

With the WordStream Keyword Suggestion Tool, you are presented with new keyword suggestions and you determine what’s relevant and what isn’t. If WordStream offers you a keyword that seems like it would relate to your site, but it doesn’t, you can file it away as a "negative keyword," and WordStream will remember that and suggest related words as negatives in the future.

WordStream makes it easy for you to choose negative keywords, and learns from your choices thereby improving accuracy over time.

By basing future action on current decisions you make about your keywords, WordStream learns from you over time – offering keywords that most closely link with ones that you’ve previously approved, and waving the red flag over ones that seem to fit with keywords you’ve rejected.

The more cues you give WordStream, the more targeted the keywords become and the better the WordStream Keyword Suggestion Tool understands what to offer to you. This gives you a superior level of control over managing things yourself because you’re able to work continuously with a keyword repository into the hundreds of thousands in an organized way, using WordStream to work with you, not in place of you.

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WordStream’s keyword suggestion tool takes your productivity to new heights by allowing you to create a bigger, more targeted keyword list than was ever possible before. 

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