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Google Ads and the War on Free Clicks

Google Ads and the War on Free Clicks

Google Ads

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What are Google Ads?

what are google ads

Google advertisements are strategically placed along the page to attract attention from the searcher. This is done so that companies can better promote their product on the internet.

What is Keyword Intent?

Keyword intent consist of keywords that are used to target searchers that are most likely to have interest in your product. It is the basic approach to matching the keywords of your product with the searchers intention.

What are sponsored ads on Google?

Sponsored results account for 64.6% of click for high commercial intent keyword searches. Sponsored advertisements rank higher on the search results page than organic searches and take up 85.2% of the above-the-fold pixels.

What is paid search?

Paid search is the process of gaining traffic at the result of purchasing advertisements on search engines. Buying keywords is a form of paid search keyword advertising. Buying banner ad space on Google’s Display Network is also another example of paid search.

What is click through rate (CTR)?

CTR is a type of measurement to determine the success of an advertisement campaign on a search engine page. It is a ratio that displays how frequently searchers who view your ad then click on your site.

What is an average CTR?

Average CTR is the rate of which searchers will click on your site page on average. This is a strong indication of which advertisements are working and which ones aren’t meeting the average standard rate.

What is average CTR for Facebook?

Facebook does not publish its average CTR, but independent analysis from Webtrends on more than 11,000 Facebook campaigns showed that the average CTR for Facebook ad in 2010 was 0.051% which apparently has dropped from their 0.063% in 2009.

What is average CTR for Google ads?

The average CTR of an ad on the Google display network is 0.4%. Recently total CTR for Google ads on high commercial intent queries are up to 600 times higher than the CTR for ads on a typical Facebook page.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that allows businesses to reach new customers as they search the internet.

Benefits of Google AdWords?

The benefits of Google AdWords range depending on your product or business. Generally companies gain better exposure when advertising with Google AdWords and this exposure then increases their clientele.

How to advertise on Google?

Businesses can advertise on Google by registering their company with a Google AdWords account with the objective of gaining more clientele. They can also expand onto the display network and serve banner ads to generate affordable clicks. 

How much does search engine optimization (SEO) cost?

The cost of SEO may vary between the services needed per customer and the services provided. It can also vary dependant on whether your company hires an SEO consultant or a full time SEO wiz, either way the value of a company enhancing the promotion of their product is worth the price.

Does SEO work?

SEO works to increase the ranking on your company on a search page based on a search query that matches your advertised keywords. The better the SEO on a page the more frequently it will appear as a result of searches.

How does SEO work?

Proper SEO utilizes keywords that are relevant to your business, already have high traffic volume and are qualified to produce conversion. Once this is established keywords are embedded in the text as well as variations that are associated with keywords for product promotion this way once a search query is conducted the search engine will pick up your site based on your keyword material.

Does PPC work?

PPC is beneficial for high commercial intent keyword, people type “toaster oven reviews” into a search they are trying to buy products or services. PPC thrives on engaging ad formats that drive high click-through rates and ROI.

How does PPC work?

PPC works by advertisers focusing ads to their target searchers on a site engine. The fee that the advertiser pays is based on the amount of clicks that each advertisement receives.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing allows companies to track site visitors with a cookie and chase them around the web, displaying relevant banner ads until they click and convert.

What are chat ads?

Chat ads prompt viewers to open a chat window with a sales guy to the leads while they are still fresh.


SEO is beneficial for a searcher with a question or provides informational keywords whereas PPC targets more high commercial intent keywords used by searchers who are trying to buy products or services.

SEO benefits

SEO is still dominant for low-value informational keyword searches.

Benefits of SEO marketing

A major benefit to SEO marketing is the functions ability to boost site rankings on a search page. The hire the rankings that a business has for their site the more likely a searcher will see it and click for their services. A site has a better chance of conversion at the beginning of page one of a search than in the middle of page two.

What is SEO web spam?

SEO spam happens as a result of keyword stuffing. Recently SEO spam has been combated by Google’s Penguin update.

PPC benefits

By using PPC businesses can set their own budget while still increasing their chances of targeting a relevant searcher.

Benefits of PPC marketing

Because most PPC advertisements are posted at the top of a search page or along the right side it is prime real estate for getting the searchers attention.

Benefits of PPC advertising

PPC advertising levels the playing field by giving big businesses and small businesses an even chance of gaining visibility on the web.

What are email ads?

Email ads prompt viewers to provide an email address right from the SERP which marketers can then use to send email-based offers.

What is a click to call ad?

A click to call ad is a mobile ad format that lets customers call a business phone number with the click of a button.

What is a mega sitelink?

A mega sitelink offers viewers up to 10 additional places to click, this greatly increases your chances of presenting them with a relevant link.

What is a social ad extension?

A social ad extension can show you who has +1’d yolur site, which lends credibly and potential name recognition.

What are Google location extensions?

Google location extensions allow you to display your address and phone number to local searchers, enticing them to visit you faster.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is a wide spreading online advertising platform used by many companies worldwide. This method allows for advertisers to pay for ads displayed on search engine result pages based on the number of clicks the advertisement receives. There is an ongoing debate on whether PPC advertising is considered inbound marketing or outbound marketing. One school of thought is that a person searching for a

What is PPC marketing?

PPC marketing allows for companies to test their business model without having to invest in a full SEO team. With PPC marketing it is crucial for companies to target appropriately and to target well, since each click is paid for it is vital to make each click count.

How do SEO listings work with Google?

SEO utilizes keywords that are relevant to your business, already have high traffic volume and are qualified to produce conversion. When a query is entered in a search it is picked up by the server based on keywords used or variations of the given keywords. The ad is then placed along the page based on relevance.

What is an organic search?

An organic search is a non-sponsored search that appears on a search engine result page. Organic results account for just 14.8% of the above-the-fold pixels and on average, the top organic listing gets just 8.9% of the clicks.

Who is Matt Cutts?

Matt Cutts works for Google’s search quality team and specializes in SEO related issues, Matt Cutts is currently head of Google’s webspam team.

What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords are keywords that are targeted towards a particular brand. Brand keywords often have the highest value and conversion rates.

What are paid advertisements?

Paid advertisements are often ads whose advertisers use a form of PPC or CPC. Although visually it is difficult to distinguish a paid advertisement from an organic search; 45.5% of people couldn’t identify paid ads on the search engine results page if there wasn’t a right column.

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

SEM is an online marketing tactic that is driven to promote websites by increasing their ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

How does search engine marketing work?

SEM is usually conducted through means of SEO, PPC or other forms of paid placement and contextual advertising.

What is an organic search result?

An organic search result is a non-sponsored search that appears on a SERP.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is an algorithm with the basis of filtering through contented with little substance allowing for a beneficial user experience.

How does Google Panda work?

Google Panda was originally designed to lower the rankings of sites that blatantly reproduce content from other websites with the objective of providing a better user search.

What is a Panda update?

The update was targeted to crack down on “thin content” and ad –heavy site. Up to 12% of search results are affected by Google Panda.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is an algorithm used for the purpose of fighting web spam and avoid users from coming into contact with sites known for link schemes, false redirects and keyword stuffing.

How does Google Penguin work?

Google Penguin works by automatically penalizing sites where unnatural sites or black hat tactics are evident. A warning is then sent to the site where they site is given a period to produce changes for an eventual reconsideration request. Warnings result in lowered page rankings.

What is a Penguin Update?

The newest Penguin update produced an “over optimization penalty” where Google has begun to devalue sites for keyword stuffing and spammy links.

What is an unnatural link?

An unnatural link is an artificial link with the intention to manipulate a page’s ranking. In April 2012 Google warned 1 million websites about unnatural links and ordered webmasters to cease and desist such manipulative activities.

What is a keyword search?

A keyword search is a search algorithm based on subject term, phrase, or search objective.

What are Google analytics?

Google analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics regarding visitor usage and data to a company website.

How does Google analytics work?

Google analytics is a tool mainly for marketers and displays statistics for all aspects of visitor usage. This is possible due to the tracking ability of the service and a massive collection of user data for an individual company site traffic.

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