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Keyword Advertising: How to Use Keyword Marketing for Your Business

What Is Keyword-Based Advertising?

Keyword advertising is a method of advertising on search engines using keyword research. By determining the keyword searches that are most relevant to your business’s offerings, you can then bid to place your ads in the search results for relevant keywords. For example, if you sell footwear, you can make sure people searching for keywords like “sneakers” or “women’s boots” see your advertisements.

Almost all of search marketing revolves around keywords. Choosing the right keywords for advertising can make or break your ad campaigns.


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The most important element of keyword search advertising is to bid on highly relevant keywords. The more relevant your keywords are to your business and website, the more cost-effective your online marketing campaign will be.

As a best practice when doing keyword advertising, first select keywords that relate to your business, then craft text ads that incorporate these advertising keywords. When visitors click on your ads in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you pay the amount that you’ve bid on the keyword (with a discount, if your ads are very high-quality). This process is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

How to Use Keyword Advertising: Searching for Keywords

Keyword marketing is an investment—while you must spend money bidding on keywords and pay for the clicks your advertisement receives, ideally the revenue you’ll gain from visitors and the resulting conversions will make your keyword advertising investment well worthwhile.

The amount you must spend buying keywords when you advertise on Google through bids is determined by how competitive a keyword is. The secret to keyword based advertising is discovering your sweet spot of less competitive (and therefore less expensive) and yet highly relevant keywords through keyword research.


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These valuable keywords are often referred to as “long-tail keywords.”

Creating a successful PPC keyword advertising campaign is largely dependent on discovering these high-value keywords. WordStream offers keyword advertising software that can help you discover and utilize these top-notch keywords to optimize your online advertising campaigns.

Using Ad Groups for Keyword Targeted Advertising

Organization is essential for keyword advertising. It’s not enough to simply generate a list of keywords—even with a list of profitable long-tail keywords, to receive your maximum return on investment, it’s crucial to group your keywords effectively.


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Grouping keywords into a semantically and logically organized hierarchy prepares you for easy ad group creation. Semantically organizing your keywords makes creating PPC ads significantly easier because you can write ad text that applies to all related terms simultaneously.

By organizing your keywords into small themed segments and bidding on relevant keywords, you can expect many valuable benefits for your PPC keyword advertising campaigns:

WordStream’s Software Makes Keyword Advertising Easy

WordStream’s PPC management software, WordStream Advisor, allows you to take advantage of all that keyword advertising has to offer.


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Our keyword advertising software makes it quick and easy to:

  • Research Keywords – Discover relevant keywords, long-tail keywords, and advertising keyword suggestions.
  • Group Keywords – Organize your keywords into themed keyword groups, improving relevancy and Quality Score.
  • Create and Optimize Keyword-Targeted Ads – Get help creating high-performing ads, building keyword-optimized landing pages, doing keyword reporting and more.

Our tools save time spent manually managing keyword advertising campaigns, improving productivity for your business while helping improve your ROI.

Finding Keywords for Web Advertising with WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

Our free keyword tools and resources help marketers:


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Try our PPC keyword software free and see how easy it can be to do keyword advertising more effectively for your business.

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