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Check Out WordStream’s Free Negative Keyword Tool

WordStream’s Negative Keyword Tool has been decommissioned. Still, you can head to this page here to get the scoop on negative keywords and how you can implement them in your campaigns. 

A negative keyword tool is used to identify and set negative keywords in AdWords – a practice that’s crucial to PPC success. It ensures you’re not bidding on low-value keywords that will reduce your click-through rate and lead to wasted ad dollars.

WordStream offers an innovative, free negative keyword tool that will help you lower costs and improve results for more effective, relevant, and budget-friendly PPC campaigns.

WordStream’s negative keyword tool is unique because it empowers you to:

  • Eliminate wasteful ad spend before it starts by proactively setting negative keywords and match types.
  • Save time and increase productivity by identifying whole clusters of related negative keyword candidates rather than single instances of negative terms.
  • Efficiently manage negative keyword research by using the same tool to find, and review negative keywords and upload changes directly to your AdWords account.

Let’s take a look at how this works.


negative keyword tool

When you enter a keyword in the Free Negative Keyword Tool, it mines our massive keyword database of more than a trillion search queries for modifiers that may not be relevant to your offerings. You can then review these terms and tell the tool whether or not they are relevant to your campaigns.

For example, if you own a stationery business, you might want to create an ad group to sell notebooks. The Free Negative Keyword Tool suggests clusters of terms that may trigger your “notebook” ads. As you can see, most of the terms are related to notebook computers, not spiral notebooks! You wouldn’t want to bid on these computer-related terms. It would be a total waste of your ad spend.

To eliminate these keywords from your campaigns, simply click “no” to add a term to the list of negative keywords in the right-hand pane. Once you upload your list to AdWords, you can rest assured that those queries won’t match against your ad in the future—and they won’t cost you a cent.


Negative keyword tool

You can also set the match type of each negative keyword as part of this process. For example, if the keyword in question is “hard drive”:

  • Broad match means that any search queries containing the words “hard” and “drive” will be filtered out.
  • Phrase match means that any queries containing the phrase “hard drive” (in that order) will be filtered out.
  • Exact match means that only the exact query “hard drive” will be filtered out.

You can also set terms as positives by clicking “yes” in the review pane. This ensures that keywords that are relevant to your business don’t end up on your negative keyword list.

Unlike other negative keyword tools and methods, WordStream’s free tool:

  • Suggests potential negative keywords, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Allows you to set terms as negative before you pay for them.
  • Lets you add negative keywords in groups, versus one by one.

Try it out yourself here.

Need More Help with Negative Keywords?

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is available to all advertisers regardless of spend. However, if you need to delve a little deeper, WordStream Advisor is the answer.


WordStream Advisor new and improved 20-Minute PPC Work Week negative keyword functionality

WordStream Advisor, WordStream’s PPC and paid social management platform, can help you grow your business through the power of paid search. At the heart of WordStream Advisor is the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, an innovative workflow system designed to help busy advertisers get on with what really matters – taking care of their customers and growing their business. The 20-Minute Work Week features negative keyword functionality that lets you eliminate potentially costly negative keywords from your account, based on personalized data from your AdWords account. These actionable suggestions can be implemented in seconds, allowing you to manage your negative keywords and other everyday PPC tasks in just minutes per week.

Sign up for a free trial of WordStream – you’ll get first-hand evidence of how much time and money you can save with a faster, easier, smarter approach to negative keywords and PPC management. Try it now to start ramping up your ad groups’ relevance and your marketing team’s productivity.

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