5 Ways to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter


We have a pretty good idea of Twitter best practices: post regularly, don't overuse hashtags, keep your tweets short enough for retweets, etc. We even know that a good mix of images and video will help boost engagement.

Yet every few months, I like to look back through my Twitter analytics to see which content performed best and I'm surprised at what I find. Some pieces of content posted to Twitter get 5 to 10 times my typical amount of retweets!

Get more retweets on Twitter

Now, when Twitter shows you your engagement rate, they include all engagements: Link Clicks, Retweets, Favorites, and Replies. However, that figure can be misleading, as even a few engagements on a tweet that didn't get many impressions can show a higher than average engagement rate.

I like to focus on retweets, since these help you increase your overall reach. More people sharing your tweets means more eyes on your content, which in turn offers the potential for even greater engagement.

I found some commonalities among my most popular posts. Here are a few Twitter content tips to get more retweets based on my most shared tweets:

1. Use more colorful images for more retweets.

Adding images to your tweets is a great way to make them stand out in user streams. Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. What I've found though is that images with rich, saturated colors do even better, getting five-fold or more times the retweets, like this one:

 Get more retweets the science of emotion color chart

Or this one, which earned 78 retweets:

 Get more retweets total browsing data

Colorful images can increase your engagement rates on Twitter ads too! (P.S. Use this same principle for better content marketing images.)

2. Inspire retweets with mini-infographics & charts.

This tweet had an 8% engagement rate overall, with 266 retweets! All of those people retweeting resulted in over 30,000 impressions for this tweet and over 600 people clicking through to the article itself. That's a win!

 Get more retweets types of intelligence infographic

People love these mini-infographics on Twitter because they can see the information without having to click through. Or, if the writing is still small, they can get the gist of it in the larger text and decide if they want to click through for more. They're engaging and people naturally want to share them, like this one:

 Get more retweets entrepreneur mindset tweet

If you're posting a link to an article with a chart in it, try downloading the chart, uploading to Twitter as an image and including the short URL instead of just hitting the Tweet button. It's visually interesting and gives people something educational and informative to share, like this:

 Get more retweets TV is over chart

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3. First, make them laugh. Then they will retweet.

We're all geeks here and sometimes there's nothing better than a bit of humour to lighten the data-heavy, super serious nature of our days. Like this:

 Get more retweets Atari obsolete ad

This was huge… 223 retweets! All told, over 38,000 people ended up seeing this tweet, thanks to the many people who found it worthy of a share.

This one also did pretty well considering it was just something I posted from my phone:

Get more retweets Lego lifehack cable holder

What can I say, people love the bizarre!

4. Make them want to retweet your super useful content to their friends.

Chances are you know someone who could benefit from a free education. This tweet obviously resonated with my Twitter audience, inspiring 272 people to share it with their contacts. Why? Because we love to share relevant content and be helpful in social media. People retweet useful content for this reason.

 Get more retweets learn to code for free

Of course, original information is incredibly useful for people, too. This actually fell into the "colorful image" category, as well, but I think the real impetus for sharing this tweet was that people had something new and interesting to retweet:

 Get more retweets most expensive keywords infographic

5. Be real.

Of course, it doesn't have to be all business. My #ppckid tweets get lots of engagement, like this one:

 Get more retweets PPC kid

Family and personal tweets tend to get more favorites than retweets, I noticed, like this one:

 Get more retweets Kim family Thanksgiving PPC kid tweet

Maybe people feel weird sharing pics of someone else's family? Still, there's nothing wrong with sharing a bit of your personal life in your Twitter feed. No one wants to really connect with an autotweeting robot. Give your followers a real person to network with and they're more likely to engage with your other tweets.

Well, did you catch the most common theme throughout this post? Every single one of the tweets I included had an image! None of my most retweeted tweets were text-only, nor were they shared directly from the sites where the content was published.

My most popular, retweeted tweets all contained images, with short links to content where more information was available. Remember to include engaging images and use the tips above to earn more retweets and increase your Twitter reach!

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Feb 08, 2015

I really love this post. I could really do with some retweets so that was very helpful. I especially like your infographics and pictures. I am not good at making images like that, but I will find a way to make them laugh or cause other positive emotions.

Amine Kouta
May 23, 2017

Hey Saskia, retweets are tough to get indeed. I find you share a common problem with other twitter accounts. However, I'm conducting interviews to assess the functionality of a new tool to help in that. Don't worry, that's not a sales pitch :)lol... it hasn't been built yet but I'm just gathering feedback on how it's functionality can most address your needs. If you are interested in a very short interview please just contact me on my email: akouta@aiyexpertsolutions.com

Feb 13, 2015

Thanks for the great tips! You can go a step further, past twitter analytics and use a media monitoring tool, this can give you a better grasp on all of your media efforts. But, you have the right idea, it is important to track your social media efforts and monitor to see what works best. Thanks!

Feb 16, 2015

On any social media marketing visual content is doing best. liked the idea of mini infographics for twitter marketing. I found infographics are mostly popular on pinterest but making a mini infographics is really good. Having a balance between all business tweets and general tweets is also must. Nice tips!

May 11, 2015

Excellent, Larry! I wonder what it is about color that makes people want to retweet. As long as it works.

May 13, 2015

This is a great post. It's also really interesting that most of your social media shares are on Twitter, which proves your points ;) Well done! I will say, though, that your comment form is pretty frustrating to use.

Timo Fischer
Jul 29, 2015

I'm a little late to the party but thanks for sharing those tips they definitely gave me a good insight on what I should use and do to make my tweets better!

Cristina R. Pilcher
Aug 26, 2015

Such a great list. It is very important that you make your tweets interesting. Integrating images, related videos and other ways make it an attention-catcher content is recommended for every company. And as much as possible, make it look naturally and a way that it talks to your followers.

Rachel Allen
Oct 19, 2015

Hey Larry,

Great article, very informative! Engaging with other people on Twitter can really go a long way in putting yourself more out there and thus increasing the chance that you receive more followers easily!

I've been using a tool recently called https://tweetfavy.com/ it's great and it really helps me get a lot of real and organic followers at a rapid pace. What are your experiences with this tool?

Swann McClinton
Jul 10, 2016

I found this article extremely useful. Thanks in large for the great tips Mr. Kim.Please Follow me @GhostBoulevard on Twitter.

Abegail Smith
Dec 05, 2016

Great Article! It's also really interesting that most of your social media shares are on Twitter, which proves your points.

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