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8 Essential Tips for Real Estate Video Marketing

Author: Margot Whitney
Last Updated: November 14, 2022 | Video Marketing

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just a plain old real estate marketer, you know the importance of maintaining a strong, reputable, and attractive presence for your target audience. In such a competitive industry that hits so close to home (couldn’t resist), it is critical to market your business effectively and find ways to one-up your competitors.

If you have not hopped on the video bandwagon, then it is time to buck up and take the leap. Video has increased in popularity among marketers – and for good reason.

real estate video marketing staged room

Real estate listings that utilize video marketing receive 403% more inquiries than those without video! Yet, if you are new to video, this can feel quite intimidating. As a past employee of a video hosting and marketing company, I understand this far too well. But I’m here to tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of! Video is not only a fun medium to work with; it is also one that can take your business to the next level. Here are eight tips that will help you sell more homes with video.

Tip #1: Set aside an appropriate budget

This first step towards video marketing success is ensuring you have quality videos—whether they’re appearing a listing, on social or on your real estate website. You may have been encouraged to just jump into video and not worry so much about production quality. While this might be true for certain instances (like sending video voicemails or other one-to-one interaction), for the real estate industry it is important that your marketing videos looked polished and perfected. It makes sense, right? This industry is all about aesthetics. If a property is not visually pleasing, then you are not going to have much luck getting it off the market.

Check out this video from Lifestyle Production Group. It really shows the value of investing in quality video production. From the drone footage to the B roll to the swanky music, this video really transports the viewer into a whole new world of luxury.

If you don’t have the budget for something this glamorous, don’t fret! There are ways to do video in-house professionally that won’t cost you an arm and leg. We’re lucky enough to live in a world where a lot of us carry around high quality video cameras in our pockets every day. For instance, check out this guide to filming professional looking videos on your iPhone!

It is also important not to forget that you need to set aside budget for promoting your videos on platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook, so keep this in mind when doling out your video cash.

Tip #2: Plan ahead

Video marketing is not just an off-the-cuff strategy to throw together and implement quickly. It takes time to plan the types of videos you want to create, how you’re going to film and edit your videos, where you’re going to place them, etc.

Before diving into video, take the time to strategize. Identify the videos you want and the videos you need. Figure out how to prioritize producing those videos. Develop a detailed plan for how to promote the videos.

real estate video marketing planned twitter promotion

The video production process itself can involve many steps, like finding actors, scripting, props, lighting, sound, or editing.

Don’t be overwhelmed, though! Planning will help all of these components come together in a reasonable time frame. Do some research, meet with your team, and make a plan to tackle your video goals head on. We’re confident you can do it!

Tip #3: Make your videos human!

Buying (or selling) a home is such a personal experience. Not only is the process financially significant, but it is also emotionally involved. And guess what? People often act with their emotions. People also relate to other people, not properties. This is why you need to get into the habit of storytelling.

Check out this video from Hurlingham to see what I mean.

Doesn’t that just give you all the feels? Don’t you just want to work with this real estate firm to buy the home of your dreams?

I’m not lying to you: Emotional appeal is by far the most effective strategy to win over your client’s heart. Go forward, and get those emotions rolling with powerful video!

Tip #4: Leverage the power of 360 video

When you’re selling something tangible online, it can be hard to represent the beauty of the physical product on a flat two-dimensional surface. Of course, this is where video is valuable for industries of this nature. Real estate is no exception, but since this industry needs to capture such a large, multi-functional spaces, standard video is often not enough.

This is where 360 video comes into play! This video experience allows your audience to become immersed and tour around the space without having to remove their slippers.

While diving into this somewhat new technology might seem intimidating at first, I’m confident you have the skills. Check out this guide on how to make a 360 real estate video to get started.

Tip #5: Sell the lifestyle and location, in addition to the property

Thinking beyond the apartment or home is critical for real estate marketers. It’s important to remember that you’re selling the location just as much as the features of the property. This shouldn’t be forgotten in your videos.

Check out this awesome example from The Skyvault.

Not only does this video sell the luxury of the building, but it also sells the big city lifestyle! With beautiful views of the New York skyline, this video sells a city rather than just an apartment.

Tip #6: Build trust with testimonials

Trust is a challenging component in this industry. Not only is the decision to purchase real estate a financially significant one, but it is also often a lifestyle choice that affects your everyday. The best way for real estate marketers to instill trust in their leads is by letting someone else do the talking. Happy homeowners are the “someone else” I’m referring to, because these are the folks who have already been through the process.

Hopefully in your company’s time in business there have been pleased clients who have worked with you. Reach out to these individuals to see if they’d be willing to film a quick video testimonial describing their positive experience. Getting this type of endorsement from a real person will help new leads see that your organization is one worth working with.

To ensure your happy clients will be willing to do this, make sure you treat them like royalty even after the deal is signed. Surprise them with a celebratory bottle of champagne or a gift card to a renowned restaurant in the area. If you do this, they won’t be able to refuse when you ask for them to star in a short video.

Tip #7: Place your videos strategically

Remarketing to your clients active in their buying process with an emotional client testimonial video could encourage them to go ahead and sign the contract on their new home with confidence.

If you’re running a campaign to promote brand recognition, though, it might not make sense to promote a video that features testimonials. Instead, these leads would probably benefit from a video that raises awareness about your location and services.

real estate video marketing open house

Placing your videos strategically is such an important part of the video marketing process because all of your effort creating and editing your beautiful videos will go to waste if you’re not reaching the right people.

Spend time planning your promotion strategy for each video to ensure you’re targeting the right audience with the right content at the ideal time.

Tip #8: Keep your videos under five minutes

To end with a simple tip, keep your videos short and sweet!

Every second your video plays viewers will be lost. This is just how viewing behavior goes: the average video only retains 37% of videos through the last second. As videos start to turn into movies, viewers are going to lose interest and move on. Your story is also likely to be more compelling if you only include the really engaging stuff.

At the end of day, if you’re able to master video marketing, your real estate firm is going to benefit. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and film!

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