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25 Ready-to-Go Black Friday Messages & Email Templates

Author: John Paul Hernandez
Last Updated: December 19, 2023 | Email Marketing, Seasonal Marketing

There are only a few days of the year when brands can ride the wave of high energy and excitement. Black Friday tops the list. Not only can your business increase sales, but you can also attract new customers, re-engage passive buyers, and ignite momentum that continues throughout the year.

That’s where messaging comes in. You can increase customer engagement and sales during Black Friday with the right copy and strategy.

In this article, we’ll go over Black Friday messages, greetings, and email templates you can use to promote action and kick-start the holiday event.

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Black Friday greetings and subject lines

How do you start a conversation for Black Friday? Whether it’s an email subject line, a banner on your website, or the window of your storefront, below are a few greetings you can use.

  • Black Friday: Unbeatable Deals!
  • [Percentage] discount on Black Friday! Claim it now.
  • Ready, Set, Save. It’s Black Friday!
  • Black Friday Alert: BIG savings, one day only
  • Score Big this Black Friday!
  • Sneak Peak: Exclusive Look at Black Friday Deals
  • Black Friday Countdown: Are You Ready to Save?
  • Don’t Miss Out! Black Friday is Here.
  • [Best selling items] 20% off and more! This Black Friday!
  • BOGO: Buy one, get one free on Black Friday
  • FREE SHIPPING this Black Friday!
  • We’re early: Black Friday sales starting this week ⏰
  • Black Friday without the crazy lines! BIG discounts online.
  • BIGGEST sale of the year: Black Friday
  • What are you getting for Black Friday? Grab these deals!

black friday messages for emails and email subject lines - example from fitness business

Game changer: the more relevant experiences you can create, the better your results. For example, suppose a particular audience segment is interested in one of your products. In that case, you can send an email promoting that item for Black Friday to increase engagement and sales.

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Black Friday messages for social media

How do you announce deals for social media posts? It’s vital that you communicate clearly and concisely.

  • Get ready to shop and SAVE! Black Friday is here, and we have some big deals, like [product] for [percentage] off and [product] for [percentage] off. Don’t miss out; the clock is ticking, and we have limited goods!
  • The biggest shopping day of the year is this Friday. Don’t miss out on exclusive Black Friday sales. Swipe to see some of our fire deals coming out.
  • Knock out holiday shopping (and save a ton) this Black Friday! We have epic deals you won’t find anywhere or any other time. Click the link to see more!
  • Upgrade your [value offer] with our Black Friday steals. Limited products are available! Don’t let it get away.
  • Find the perfect gifts for your family and friends at unbeatable prices this Black Friday. 🎁
  • No one does Black Friday better than [brand]. Get massive deals like [deal one] and [deal two]. One day only! See you there.

black friday messages for social media - example from makeup brand

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Black Friday email templates

There are several types of messages brands will need to send as they prepare for their Black Friday sales. Depending on your market and needs, here are a few different types of emails you can use.

Black Friday messages for B2B clients

Subject line: Black Friday deal, coming soon!
Description: You won’t want to miss some special offerings.

Hello [First Name],

Black Friday is only a few days away, and we’ve got special deals for you, like [deal one] and [deal two].

It’s the perfect time to plan the rest of your year and kick-start the next one by purchasing our premium offerings. This is the only time we offer a sale this big, and we know you wouldn’t want to miss it!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Get ready for the big day!


Black Friday messages for B2C customers

Subject: It’s Black Friday! Get the biggest deals of the year!
Description: Sneak peek at what you can expect this season.

Hey [First Name],

It’s Black Friday, and the best deals are here. Our bestselling items like [product], [product], and [product] at 35% off! Plus, we have a lot more surprises in store.

But you need to be quick. These products sell FAST, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Take advantage of our Black Friday sale and get the items you’ve always wanted!

See you soon,


black friday email template - example of black friday sale email to customers

Black Friday messages for staff

When sending an email to staff, you’ll likely face two types of messages. The first is about preparing for the Black Friday sale. The second is encouraging your team to participate if there are any deals they would like to take advantage of.

Preparing for Black Friday

Subject: Getting ready for Black Friday
Description: We can’t wait for our BIG day. Let’s create the best experience possible. 

Hi [First Name],

As you know, Black Friday is almost here. We are excited to serve the community with some of our year’s best deals. That’s where you come in.

As a team, we want to provide the best experience possible. Why? Black Friday is one of the biggest days we receive new customers, increase sales, and make an impression. The better we provide a smooth Black Friday, the better we can grow as a company.

Here are some expectations for our team:

  1. Provide a helpful and friendly experience
  2. Make it as easy as possible to find deals and purchase them
  3. Provide second-mile service that encourages customers to visit again

Black Friday is a big day, and we appreciate you making it a remarkable experience for customers who have waited all year for the best deals. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Happy Black Friday!


Inviting staff to participate

Subject: Your Black Friday

Description: Take part in our big day.

Hi [First Name]

We can’t wait for Black Friday. It’s the best time of the year for some of our best deals. And if there’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, we want you to take part in it too.

From [hours], you can choose items to claim your Black Friday deal. Please remember that [any item limitations are reserved for customers]. Thank you for understanding.

You will do a fantastic job serving our customers and providing the best experience possible.

Happy Black Friday!


Black Friday email banners

We’ve curated 15 banners you can customize and use in your Black Friday emails. Get the template on Canva!

black friday email banners curated from canva

Get your marketing messages ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is a massive day for brands that want to make a splash. And these Black Friday messages can help you announce and communicate your notable deals. Feel free to swipe and use them. Or let them inspire you to create your own versions.

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