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3 Things My Cats Taught Me About PPC

Cats might not know much about paid search, but that doesn't mean they can't teach us anything about PPC. Here are three lessons my cats have taught me about managing successful PPC campaigns.

3 AdWords Reports to Help You Make PPC Decisions Faster

Here are three simple reports you can run in Google AdWords that will help you weed through all the data and make quick decisions about your PPC account.

PPC for Seasonal Businesses: 5 Ways To Get Your Google Ads Account Ready For Spring

Here in Boston, we finally had a day that one could call “Spring-like.” It was warm (a whole 52 degrees!), people were walking around without jackets, and there was a general feeling of “I really hope we are done with the snow” filling the air.

The PPC Toolbox, Part 2: Competitive Research, Landing Page Creation, & Other Helpful Tools

Yesterday, I shared a number of different PPC tools that will help with building and tracking performance in your account. This time around, I have a few new tools and sites that will help you check some performance statistics of your competition and see how you compare to them.

The PPC Toolbox, Part 1: Tracking, Bulk Editing, and Keyword Expansion

Every PPC manager needs a PPC toolbox! Here are my favorite tools for PPC keyword research, bulk editing in AdWords and Bing, and conversion tracking.

Keep It Simple, Stupid – 6 Tips for Creating Clean & Simple PPC Landing Pages

Strong landing pages are a crucial part of PPC. Learn six tips for creating clean, simple landing pages that will increase your PPC conversion rates.