Scott Mesite

Scott Mesite

Scott Mesite is a senior manager on the Managed Services team at WordStream and a graduate of Providence College. When he isn’t immersed in all things PPC, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn son, kayaking, gardening, and making homemade pasta.

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5 Ways Restaurants Can Use Facebook Ads During COVID-19

Restaurants are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, but search volume suggests that audiences are online. Here are five tips for using Facebook as a tool to engage with and grow your community during the pandemic, including targeting your local community, adjusting your messaging, and more.

Why Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Will Be Your New Favorite Ad Feature

Facebook's Dynamic Ad Creative allows you to test out different combinations of images, copy, and CTAs. Learn how to implement it, how it differs from standard ad creative, and what results we've seen from testing it out.