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Many people try to find keywords using a keyword finder: a useful tool for determining the keywords, or specific words and phrases, that search engine users type to find the products or services your business offers. Finding those keywords is critical to your success in the world of search marketing—if you don't know how people (that is, potential customers) are searching for your website, how can you help them find it?

However, most tools that find keywords offer limited value beyond an initial starting point for beginning search marketers. The weaknesses of keyword finders include:

  • The keywords aren't personalized: Third-party keyword finders can provide a brief list of popular keywords that are generally related to a term or URL you provide—but chances are, most of those keywords aren't specifically relevant to your unique business.
  • The data isn't accurate: The traffic numbers most keyword tools provide are dubious estimates based on global search volumes. These statistics aren't relevant to your website metrics.
  • They offer no competitive edge: Everyone else in your industry is using the same widely available keyword finders to get the same list of keywords. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a better way of finding keywords.

WordStream's PPC keyword suggestion tool is better than a run-of-the-mill keyword finder like the AdWords tool, because it parses your own AdWords search query reports to find your best, most relevant keyword phrases. Since your keyword list is built from the search queries that actual visitors use to find your website, they couldn't be more specific to your offering—and your audience.

Using WordStream to Find Keywords

To start finding keywords the WordStream way, sign up for a free trial of WordStream for PPC, or take a Test Drive of Keyword Research Suite.

If you need to do keyword research on a variety of topics on an ongoing basis, Keyword Research Suite offers flexible tools to do just that. Start by using the Keyword Suggestion Tool to get a list of keywords, suggested niches, and various performance metrics to help you form your keyword list.

Now What? Don't Just Find Keywords, Get Organized

Another disadvantage of the average free keyword finder: it just spits out a list of keywords, often in no particular order, and you're on your own as far as organization goes. Most search marketers export their keyword findings to an Excel spreadsheet and go from there. But Excel isn't built with the needs of a search marketer in mind, so you lose countless hours reformatting and manually updating your keyword spreadsheets.

WordStream does more than just find keywords; the best keyword tool is a total keyword management solution complete with keyword grouping and organization tools so you can sort your keywords into a meaningful taxonomy. Why group your keywords? This isn't just an extra step to beautify your keyword list. It's absolutely crucial to search success, be it paid or organic.

Grouping the keywords you find through keyword discovery benefits your research by contributing to:

  • Better PPC ads: You'll find it much easier to write specific and compelling text ads around small ad groups sorted by relevance. This leads to higher click-through rates and increased conversions.
  • Better landing pages: Similarly, tightly knit keyword groups encourage the creation of specific, informative landing pages to attract organic search engine traffic.
  • Lower costs: High CTRs and demonstrated relevancy improve your Quality Score, which means you spend less for better ad positioning and more exposure, for a lower cost per acquisition.

As you can see, keyword grouping isn't extra work; it's a must-do for high-performing, low-cost search marketing campaigns.

Once your keywords are sorted into small, semantically related groups, you can take action on them to start seeing real results in terms of traffic and PPC-driven profits. And you can do it all within the WordStream platform, because it's not just a keyword finder, it's an actionable keyword solution. Converting keyword groups to ad groups, writing text ads, creating landing pages for your keyword segmentations—these tasks are literally a click away.

What if I'm not a WordStream Customer? Can I still Find Profitable Keywords?

Yes! You can still use WordStream's Free Keyword Tool to find keywords. We believe free keyword suggestion tools are only a starting point, but if you're going to use a third-party tool, WordStream's tool is simply the best free keyword finder available. It's:

  • More accurate and relevant: We index over a billion unique keywords and return more keywords from more diverse sources than any other tool, even subscription-based systems.
  • Faster: The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream provides near instantaneous results.
  • Free: Not to beat a dead horse, but our tool is always completely free. You get 10 free searches up-front, and then 1 free search per tool, per day after that.

WordStream's Free Keyword Finder Tool

Use the Free Keyword Tool to see if WordStream's keywords and technology are right for you; then take your research to the next level with our keyword management and Keyword Research solutions.

The Better Way to Find Keywords: Try WordStream Today

Don't settle for static keyword finder tools that return generalized, often irrelevant results. Make sure you find keywords are right for your business with personalized, data-driven, continuous keyword discovery and management tools. Learn more about WordStream:


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