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Find Keywords with WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

Learn How to Find Profitable Keywords

If you run a business, then you’ve probably got a website. And that means you need to find keywords to include in your website content, so your audience can find your site using search engines. You also need keywords in order to run search advertising campaigns. But what keywords should you use?

A keyword finder, or keyword research tool, is a useful tool for determining the keywords, or specific words and phrases, that search engine users type to find the products or services your business offers. Finding those keywords is critical to your success in the world of search marketing—if you don’t know how people (that is, potential customers) are searching for your website, how can you help them find it?

With the right keyword tools, you can discover hundreds of relevant keyword terms, including both popular keywords and less competitive long-tail keywords, to target in your marketing campaigns. This is important because you need a balance of keyword types to ensure you’re driving traffic in enough volume to grow, but also getting qualified traffic that will actually convert.

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WordStream’s keyword suggestion tool is the tool you need to find your best, most relevant keyword phrases. It’s fast, actionable, and best of all, free.

Using WordStream to Find Keywords

To start finding keywords the WordStream way, try our Free Keyword Tool.

The WordStream Keyword Finder delivers hundreds of relevant keywords as well as actionable keyword data that helps you optimize your search campaigns, such as search volume, keyword competition, and estimated cost per keyword.

Now What? Don’t Just Find Keywords, Get Organized

Another disadvantage of the average free keyword finder: it just spits out a list of keywords, often in no particular order, and you’re on your own as far as organization goes.

WordStream does more than just find keywords; It helps you group your keywords, which is crucial to search success, be it paid or organic.

Grouping the keywords you find through keyword discovery benefits your research by contributing to:

  • Better PPC ads: You’ll find it much easier to write specific and compelling text ads around small ad groups sorted by relevance. This leads to higher click-through rates and increased conversions.
  • Better landing pages: Similarly, tightly knit keyword groups encourage the creation of specific, informative landing pages to attract organic search engine traffic.
  • Lower costs: High CTRs and demonstrated relevancy improve your Quality Score, which means you spend less for better ad positioning and more exposure, for a lower cost per acquisition.

As you can see, keyword grouping isn’t extra work; it’s a must-do for high-performing, low-cost search marketing campaigns.

Once your keywords are sorted into small, semantically related groups, you can take action on them to start seeing real results in terms of traffic and PPC-driven profits. And you can do it all within the WordStream platform, because it’s not just a keyword finder, it’s an actionable keyword solution. Converting keyword groups to ad groups, writing text ads, creating landing pages for your keyword segmentations—these tasks are literally a click away.

What if I’m not a WordStream Customer? Can I still Find Profitable Keywords?

Yes! You can still use WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool to find keywords. It’s:

  • Accurate and relevant: We index over a billion unique keywords, with data you can trust.
  • Fast: The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream provides near instantaneous results.
  • Free: Not to beat a dead horse, but our tool is always completely free.

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