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Keyword Tools: Find the Best, Most Relevant Keywords with WordStream Tools

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The WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is a market-leading tool designed to help marketers with comprehensive keyword search, keyword suggestion, keyword grouping, PPC keyword research, keyword analysis, long-tail keyword research, and negative keyword discovery, going beyond the capabilities that a typical free keyword tool can offer.

We give marketers the power to manage their paid and organic search efforts with more productivity, relevancy, cost-efficiency and confidence. Combining the functions and capabilities of the best keyword tools in the market, our keyword tool outclasses other basic SEO and PPC keyword tools.

WordStream offers the most comprehensive free online keyword generator and suggestion tool to optimize your SEO and PPC campaigns. Read on to learn why our keyword tool is one of the best on the market.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool

The Free Keyword Tool by WordStream is the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive online SEO keyword suggestion tool available. We recently gave a complete overhaul, and it’s never been more accurate or easier to use.

To get started with the Free Keyword Tool, just enter a keyword or search term into the relevant field. If you want to conduct competitive intelligence research into your competitors’ keyword data, you can also enter the URL of a specific webpage to view keyword data for that page. You can also enter your industry and country to see even more accurate results; it’s not unusual for the cost-per-click and other metrics to differ widely from one country to another, even for advertisers bidding on the same keywords in the same industry.

free keyword tool for paid search marketing

Once you’ve entered a keyword, you’ll be presented with a range of data: Google Search Volume, Competition, CPC, and Opportunity Score. This data provides advertisers with at-a-glance data that they can use as the basis for their next campaign. No other free keyword tool provides as much free keyword data as WordStream’s new and improved Free Keyword Tool. Try it today and see how much easier keyword research can be with WordStream.

Resources to get more out of your keyword research

The Free Keyword Tool allows marketers to pull immense lists of actionable keyword to use in their marketing campaigns. WordStream also offers a number of free resources to help marketers structure and get more out of those lists. These include:

Learn about keyword niches

Learn how to find the most relevant and profitable keyword niches for pay-per-click advertising and SEO.

Learn about keyword grouping

Proper keyword grouping and organization has a profound effect on both paid and organic search marketing. Already have a list of keywords? Learn how to use effective keyword grouping to sort them into manageable clusters.

Learn about negative keywords

Negative keywords help curb wasteful PPC spending and improve ROI by preventing your AdWords PPC ads from showing on irrelevant searches. Using them ensures your ads will be more relevant to searchers so you can grab a much more targeted audience and reduce your overall ad spend.

PPC Keyword Tools

WordStream for PPC is a full-service PPC management platform for creating, optimizing and managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. Our PPC software includes easy-to-use PPC keyword tools, campaign creation and expansion tools, Quality Score optimization tools, and more to help marketers get their PPC work done quickly and cost-effectively. WordStream for PPC customers experience increased traffic and greater ROI.

WordStream’s software comes with a free keyword cost per click tool and a free keyword grader, helping you evaluate keywords based on the amount of traffic they drive to your site.

Like Our Keyword Tools? Try Our Free AdWords Performance Grader!

WordStream’s AdWords Performance Grader is a revolutionary new tool that helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing on several key criteria such as:

This sophisticated tool allows you to compare your Performance Grader score with competitors in similar spend brackets, giving you a sense as to where you fit into the competitive landscape.

The AdWords Performance Grader has been designed by PPC experts to show you where your campaign is struggling and how to make adjustments that will improve your performance and increase your ROI. It’s an advanced in-depth analysis, and it’s absolutely free!

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