Google AdWords Analytics: Analyze & Improve Your Google AdWords Account Performance

The AdWords advertisers with the most to lose – small and medium-sized businesses with limited advertising budgets – are also those most in need of a Google AdWords analytics tool to help improve their ad campaigns. Original research shows us that small business advertisers struggle to consistently manage and optimize their AdWords accounts; only 1% even log into their account on a weekly basis. More than half aren’t properly set up to track conversions and don’t have a clear picture of how their keywords and campaigns affect sales.

AdWords Performance Grader Plus is a free, user-friendly Google AdWords analytics tool that offers an instant report on your Google AdWords PPC account. Our proprietary algorithm designates performance ratings in nine key areas, based on an analysis of over 60 different factors including ad spend data, ranking, CTRs, Quality Scores and more.

Why Google AdWords Analytics Just Isn’t Enough

Yes, you can link your Google AdWords PPC account to your Google Analytics account. This allows Google to pass four types of data between the two: Google Analytics goals, Google Analytics site engagement, remarketing lists, and AdWords cost and click data.

However, Google AdWords analytics must go far beyond these preliminary insights in order to offer utility to advertisers; these metrics are really just the beginning.

Google Ads Analytics

AdWords Performance Grader Plus analyzes your AdWords PPC account and serves up in-depth competitive analysis, PPC best practices and personalized recommendations instantly. Advertisers using this free tool will receive scoring and advice for improvements across eight key areas:

  • Wasted Spend
  • Quality Score
  • Impression Share
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Account Activity
  • Long-Tail Keyword Optimization
  • Text Ad Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization

This is information that simply isn’t available with other Google AdWords analytics tools, yet it’s critical to your success as a PPC advertiser.

Google AdWords Analytics & Actionable Insight, Together At Last

Small businesses typically don’t have the budget to employ in-house (or even agency) PPC experts.  AdWords Performance Grader Plus breaks campaign optimization into simple recommendations that are easy for even the least experienced PPC account managers to implement.

Scoring and comparison against industry benchmarks are visual and served up alongside PPC best practices and helpful explanations of how each metric works. For example:

Google Ads Analytics

In this image from an actual advertiser report, you can see how AdWords Performance Grader Plus compares the advertiser’s average click-through rates against the typical curve. Hovering over each green dot, each representative of one of their top 200 keywords, brings up impression and click data. The recommendations are easy to understand and also include the projected impact of completing the optimization.

AdWords Performance Grader Plus the Most Complete Google AdWords Analytics Tool

In addition to these valuable insights, the latest release of AdWords Performance Grader Plus includes Performance Tracker, a tool advertisers can use to easily identify and act on changes in metrics like Quality Score (see below). Advertisers also have access to the new Mobile PPC Readiness Score, which assesses their preparedness and optimization for mobile PPC.

Google Ads Analytics Performance Grader

AdWords Performance Grader Plus also includes new benchmarks, based on our analysis of over $3 billion in Google AdWords spend, so featured KPIs are accurate and completely up to date.

Regular Google AdWords analytics tools – and indeed, even Google’s tools themselves – just don’t offer a holistic, all-encompassing view into your AdWords campaigns and the steps necessary to make them most effective. AdWords Performance Grader Plus is free and simple to use. It offers everything you need to reduce wasted spend, improve your KPIs, and maximize your investment in Google AdWords PPC for your business. Try It Now for Free!