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Google Now is a Google mobile app for Android OS that gets users “just the right information at just the right time.” With Google Now, users customize their experience by selecting cards that categorize important information they want to stay up-to-date on, such as music, sports, and local weather.

Google Now Mobile

Google Now aims to answers a user’s question before they need to ask it, by generating real-time information concerning what is important to each individual user. Google Now mobile app can tell you your local weather as you get dressed in the morning, how much traffic to expect during your commute to work, and when the next train will arrive on the platform you’re waiting at, delivering information instantly to manage your day and make life a bit easier.

Google Now Cards

Over 25 different cards are featured with Google Now. Most of them are excruciatingly predictable, but as this mobile app grows, we’ll likely see Google continue to offer more interesting and unique features. Currently, Google Now cards include:

  • Boarding Pass: Google Now generates your boarding pass on your mobile device.
  • Activity Summary: See how far you have walked/cycled in the past month.
  • Next Appointment: Google Now will notify you when you should leave to make an appointment, taking into account traffic patterns.
  • Weather: See your local weather each morning, or check the weather of a destination when traveling.
  • Traffic: Check traffic conditions for work day commute, and see alternative routes.
  • Flights: Real-time flight information.
  • Hotels: Find hotels nearby to stay in when traveling.
  • Restaurant Reservations: Basically the same as Next Appointment, but with restaurants, Google reminds you when you should leave to make your reservation.
  • Events: Get reminders about events you’ve purchased tickets for.
  • Packages: See when your packages have shipped.
  • Friends Birthday: Birthday reminders, with prompts to wish them a happy birthday by phone or via Google+ (but not Facebook naturally!)
  • Your Birthday: Online activity can be a bit narcissistic, so why not make your phone celebrate your birthday with you? 
  • Sports: Stay up to date on your favorite sports teams and their scores for the season.
  • Movies: See show times and movies playing at theaters near you. You can also choose to be notified when upcoming shows come to theaters.
  • Concerts: Discover when bands are performing in your area.
  • Stocks: A virtual experience letting you experience what it would feel like to be trapped in a stockade for committing a crime. Just foolin’. This card lets you track your stock trades.
  • Public Alerts: Snowpocalypse is coming! Get the latest emergency information from reliable sources like National Weather Service and the U.S. Geological Survey.
  • Breakings News: Keep on top of breaking news.
  • Research Topic: Google suggests web sites you might want to explore based on sites you’ve already been to recently. Let Google help plan your trip to London, or your cruise of the Caribbean.
  • Public Transit: Discover nearby bus stops and subway stations, and see when the next bus or train will arrive.
  • Places: Places connects with Google Maps to generate great dining options and attractions nearby. You can also check out reviews, photos, and directions.
  • Nearby Attractions: See what popular attractions are near you.
  • Nearby Events: Check out events going on near your location.
  • Nearby Photo Spots: Find popular photo spots nearby. This one seems kind of weird, but cute.
  • Translation: Google will translate foreign text for you, or help you communicate with the locals.
  • Currency: Check local conversion rates while traveling.
  • Time at Home: When you are in a different time zone, Google can show you the time at home, so you don’t wake up the kids when you call the house.

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