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Keyword Software – Try WordStream’s Keyword Tools Free

The right keyword software can make your life as a search marketer much easier, simplifying some of the most complex and tedious aspects of search marketing, including keyword research and analysis, keyword organization, and prioritizing your search marketing workflow.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of keyword software for successful SEO and PPC
  • What to look for in keyword software
  • How to use keyword software to grow your business


Why Do I Need Keyword Software?

Both paid and organic search marketing campaigns depend on keywords. To drive traffic through SEO, you need to create website content that is targeted at specific keywords. And to drive leads or sales through PPC, you need to bid on keywords that are highly relevant to your business.

But where do you find those keywords, and how do you act on them once you have them?

The best place to start is with a keyword research tool. WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool has you covered. This free software tool allows you to find hundreds of keywords to use in your search marketing campaigns.

keyword software tools

In addition to keywords, our free tool provides actionable data to help inform your campaigns and help you set priorities, including keyword search volume on Google, competitiveness, and estimated cost per click, or CPC, for each keyword.

The Opportunity Score is our proprietary metric that identifies keywords with high volume and low competition. Go after those keywords first so you can start getting results from your keyword marketing efforts faster!

How Keyword Software Saves You Time and Money

Using keyword software from WordStream can help you automate several critically important, yet time-consuming tasks:

  • Discovering Keywords: Expanding your keyword list and continuously discovering new keyword opportunities is crucial in order to stay competitive and to extend your reach to untapped keyword markets.
  • Organizing Keywords: Newly discovered keywords have to be organized so that you can act on them in a relevant and efficient way. If you’re using paid search, that means organizing keywords into tightly related ad groups to ensure an effective account structure.
  • Analyzing Keywords: Keyword performance should be analyzed so you can prioritize your limited time for keyword related tasks, achieving better ROI for your business.

Because our search marketing software helps you discover, organize and analyze keywords, you can free up valuable time to engage in other more strategic marketing efforts.

In addition, our keyword software includes tools to help you discover and set new negative keywords so you stay relevant. Negative keyword software allows you to exclude any keywords that could drive up your costs without leading to valuable actions like leads and online sales.

Keyword Organization Software

Keyword Organization Software allows you to group together relevant and related keywords. Keyword organization is important for PPC because:

  • Relevant keyword groupings associated with highly targeted ad text and landing pages result in better Quality Score and a lower CPC.
  • Post-click conversion rates will be higher if your PPC campaigns utilize highly relevant keywords that match up with ad text and landing pages.

WordStream’s keyword grouper allows you to organize thousands of keywords into relevant segments in a matter of minutes. When using WordStream’s keyword grouping software to create smaller, more relevant keyword groupings, writing appropriate ad copy (that includes the right keywords) becomes a cinch.

Keyword Analysis : how to analyse and choose relevant keywords

Keyword Analysis Software

Have you ever looked at your keyword analysis and wondered what to do with it? Once you get the analysis, you basically have to analyze the analysis in order to determine the proper actions that will generate improvements. That’s a lot of analyzing!

WordStream’s Keyword Analyzer examines keywords and ad groups to help prioritize your workflow. For example, in the following illustration, the keyword analysis software tells you which ad groups are too big, which could be problematic if the keywords in those ad groups don’t all match the landing page content.

Keyword Analysis Software examines keywords and suggests workflow prioritization

Try WordStream’s Keyword Software Free

Take advantage of a free trial of WordStream’s unique combination of actionable keyword organization, keyword discovery, and keyword analysis. Our keyword software will save you both time and money, improving your efficiency while minimizing wasteful spend. Start your free trial now.

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