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Optimize Keyword Bids: Smarter Keyword Bidding in Less Time

Bid optimization is a complex, time-consuming process. If you’re like most advertisers, you neglect your keyword bids, which leads to two problems:

  • Overpaying for clicks on most terms
  • Getting less leverage than you could out of your best keywords

Optimizing your bids requires time and attention. You need to constantly monitor performance and analyze a lot of data to determine your most effective bids. Busy advertisers often rely on Google AdWords automated bidding to handle it, but this isn’t the ideal solution – AdWords automated bidding forces you to give up complete control of your keyword bids. In addition, Google focuses on increasing your bids, not helping you make the most of your budget.

Now there’s a better way: the Optimize Keyword Bids tool from WordStream. This powerful tool provides weekly and on-demand recommendations, customized to your needs and goals, so you can make smart bid changes in less time.


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Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using WordStream’s Optimize Keyword Bids tool for bid management.

Faster Bid Management with the Optimize Bids Tool

Especially for large campaigns, bid management can be a time-consuming chore. Most advertisers either purchase costly bid management software, hire an expert analyst, or just ignore bid management, killing their ROI in the process.

With WordStream Advisor, bid optimization becomes a quick and simple part of your weekly workflow. Just follow our smart recommendations as part of your customized 20-Minute PPC Work Week, WordStream’s groundbreaking recommendation engine that helps you manage and optimize your PPC campaigns in just 20 minutes per week.

Wordstream Advisor works while you sleep to analyze keyword performance over time. We’ll let you know when you should:

  • Increase bids on top-performing keywords so you can drive even more profitable leads through those terms
  • Decrease bids on keywords that aren’t converting profitably, so you can minimize damage and fix the problem before it costs you

In combination with our industry-leading Quality Score management tools, Optimize Keyword Bids helps you maximize ROI by funneling your budget toward your best keywords and away from wasteful spend.

More Flexibility and Control than AdWords Alone

The Optimize Keyword Bids feature offers significant value over managing bids in AdWords alone. With WordStream Advisor, you get:

  • Balance – Unlike AdWords, PPC Advisor suggests balanced bid changes – we won’t push you to increase bids across the board. It works with the budget you have, not the one you wish you had.
  • Control – You don’t have to give up control of your bids. You’ll get smart recommendations for adjusting your keyword bids, but you can still make manual changes, and it’s not a black box.
  • Transparency – We’ll let you know why we’re suggesting a bid change. Bid optimizations will always work in your favor, because we don’t benefit when you raise your bids.  

Optimize Keyword Bids offers the best of both worlds – you can take our suggestions and move on with your life, or dive deep to make more sophisticated tweaks.


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Expert Guidance with Smart Bid Recommendations

Optimize Keyword Bids offers automated recommendations based on bidding best practices and your own goals as an advertiser. Better yet, your custom recommendations will get smarter the longer you use them. With WordStream Advisor:

  • The more you use the feature, the smarter it gets – we help you get more value out of your PPC budget based on your own objectives.
  • The software actually works while you sleep to gradually optimize your entire account – monitoring your keyword bids, looking for changes in the competition or your performance, and making adjustments as necessary.

WordStream Advisor and the 20-Minute PPC Work Week make it easy to stay on top of your search marketing campaigns. Get expert, automated recommendations that help you increase leads and save money – 20 minutes a week and you’re done.

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