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9 Major PPC Challenges & How to Overcome Them

With so many changes to Google and Facebook, these nine underrated tools and strategies are making a comeback.

How to Improve Google Shopping ROAS with Priority Bidding

Learn how to structure your campaigns out so that Google will know to adjust your bids according to search intent.

10 Tangible Ways to Get on the First Page of Google

90% of people don't go to the second page of Google. Here are 10 doable ways to get your business on that traffic-generating, reputation-building, competitor-squashing first page!

I Spent Over $10 Million on Google and Facebook Ads: Here’s What I Learned

We spent millions of dollars on ads, capturing 83 million impressions, and 3.3 million clicks. What we discovered will surprise you.

15 Insanely Effective Sales Promotion Examples to Win More Customers

Use these creative examples and takeaways to get more customers now—from flash sales and free shipping to contests and cash back.

7 Reasons Google and Facebook Make The Perfect Pair

Learn seven ways the most successful businesses use Facebook AND Google together to improve their PPC performance and ROI.

4 Ways to Make Google and Facebook Work Better Together

Learn how to get Google and Facebook to join forces and produce online advertising results and ROI you've never seen before.

The Complete Remarketing Toolkit

Want to make your website visitors 70% more likely to convert? This three-in-one guide has everything you need to start running successful retargeting campaigns.

10 Tips to Get More Clicks on Facebook & Google

Join our experts as they teach you how to write creative, compelling, and competitive ad copy that will have the clicks coming in on Facebook and Google.

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