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SEO Keyword Research: Try Our Free SEO Keyword Tools

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a complex process, but almost every aspect of SEO relates back to keywords.

For new visitors and potential customers to find your site, they typically need to interact with a search engine like Google, and the way they tell the search engine what they’re looking for is by using keywords. Being able to anticipate the words and phrases those people use in large part determines how successful you’ll be at SEO. The process of mining for these keywords is called keyword research.

This is where WordStream comes in. Our free keyword tools enable marketers to find and organize large numbers of targeted keywords, quickly and easily.

With WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool as part of your SEO strategy, you’ll experience a number of benefits:

  • You’ll have deep access to WordStream’s industry-leading keyword database, so you can find targeted, effective keywords in any vertical
  • Our proprietary Opportunity Score metric provides a huge competitive advantage over other free keyword tools, helping your prioritize your biggest traffic opportunities first
  • Get relevant, actionable data for both SEO and your paid search marketing campaigns

You can filter your keyword research by industry and country to get even more relevant results, or drop in a URL for competitive SEO keyword research. Try it out yourself!


free keyword tool for paid search marketing

In addition to our Free Keyword Tool, we offer additional free keyword research resources designed to empower search marketers to get more out of their keyword opportunities. This includes articles about:

  • Keyword niches – Learn how to use keyword niches to find the most valuable segments for your keywords. 
  • Keyword grouping – Already have a list of keywords? Learn how to use effective keyword grouping to sort them into manageable clusters. 
  • Negative keywords: Leveraging negative keywords gives you tighter control over budget, so your PPC campaigns can achieve higher ROI.

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