SEO Keyword Tool: Leverage More Powerful Keyword Data

Google's SEO Keyword Tool

*The Google AdWords External Keyword Tool displays PPC competition, not SEO competition

What is the Best SEO Keyword Tool?

An ideal SEO keyword tool should tell you how your customers interact with your site, and should tell you more than just which keywords to optimize for. Good SEO keyword tools should tell you how to organize keywords, and what to do with your newly found keywords to get the most out of your search marketing efforts.

WordStream offers a robust suite of SEO keyword research tools to help you:

  • Find the keywords that people are using to search for offerings like yours
  • Optimize web pages with keyword-rich text
  • Structure your content into a logical hierarchy
  • Understand which pages you should be authoring next

These are some of the most helpful steps you can take in creating a truly successful search engine marketing campaign, and WordStream's SEO tools can help.

The WordStream Difference: Better SEO Keywords, Every Day

If you're just getting started with keyword research for SEO, you'll probably want to begin by using a free keyword suggestion tool on the web. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool is a great place to start: We index over a trillion unique search queries, provide more accurate results faster, and return more long-tail keywords than most paid SEO keyword tools.

If you want to dig a little deeper with your keyword research, we offer several other free tools that add even more value to your keyword lists:

  • The Keyword Niche Finder - Enter a seed term to get back clustered suggestions of related terms, ready to use in paid and organic search campaigns.
  • The Keyword Grouper - Drop in a list of keywords from another keyword tool or your analytics and the Grouper instantly organizes them into a usable structure.
  • The Negative Keyword Tool - Find the irrelevant keywords you don't want turning up in your campaigns, driving traffic that won't convert.

You can use these online SEO tools for free. But SEO keyword research is only truly valuable insofar as it gives you competitive edge and the power to find and act on keywords whenever you need them.

WordStream's Keyword Research Suite goes beyond free tools to provide an actionable, private database of exclusive SEO keyword opportunities that your competitors can't access.

Using WordStream's Keyword Tool for SEO

The Keyword Research Suite helps you generate extensive lists of keywords that are already organized into actionable groups for use in organic search campaigns. These keywords will form the building blocks of your SEO campaigns, and they'll be ready to put to use in:

  • Your website's information architecture, or organizational structure
  • Optimized, search-friendly web pages and blog posts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Anchor text and internal linking campaigns
  • Metadata fields
  • Even newsletters and other marketing collateral

Your keywords give you insight into your customers' needs, so they're a valuable marketing asset you can't neglect.

The WordStream Keyword Research Suite's all-in-one SEO pack includes:

Keyword Suggestion Tool

By upgrading to the Extreme Long-Tail Keyword Edition, you'll get the added benefits of:

  • Exclusive access to our long-tail keyword database
  • 25% more keywords
  • More specific keywords that show more user intent

The Extreme Long-Tail Edition is especially helpful for advertisers in highly competitive industries or very specific market niches.

In addition, the SEO Upgrade of the Keyword Research Suite gives you access to our Firefox plug-in for SEO content creation, which helps marketers find new topics to write about and ensure that your blog posts are properly keyword-optimized. You'll also get an exclusive monthly newsletter with tips and strategies for implementing SEO techniques and best practices.

Ready to try out the Keyword Research Suite? Take it for a test drive.