Keyword Discovery: Improve Efficiency and ROI with Continuous Keyword Discovery

Continuous keyword discovery, as well as negative keyword discovery, is essential for properly executing both PPC and SEO. Keyword discovery has numerous benefits, including:

  • PPC campaign growth and performance improvement
  • Insight and ideas for SEO content
  • Direct market feedback for product enhancements and branding

Unfortunately, too many search marketers perform website keyword discovery at the onset of their campaign, and rarely repeat the process (you know who you are!). In order to be effective, keyword discovery should be performed continuously, but it's too often seen as an incredibly time-consuming and tedious process, and is thus pushed aside and neglected.

In this tutorial, WordStream will show you how to simplify keyword discovery and how to take action in order to use keyword knowledge to improve your business.

Why is Continuous Keyword Discovery so Important?

One of the most powerful qualities of keyword discovery is that use of gained knowledge isn't particular to PPC alone. Rather, each keyword discovery effort holds its own unique insight that can be applied to various areas of your business, such as Search Engine Optimization and Product Development. Let's look at them each individually:

Benefits to PPC

Benefits of keyword discovery are the most obvious when it comes to creating a new pay-per-click campaign. If your website has a new product or feature, you probably perform keyword research to get that campaign off the ground and start incorporating those keywords into your search marketing efforts.

However, as is the case with every aspect of search engine marketing, campaigns must be constantly analyzed in order to perform at their best, and keyword discovery is no exception. If the keywords within your PPC campaign remain unchanged, so likely will your conversions. When performed continuously, keyword discovery results in:

  • Advancement into previously untapped markets
  • New, well-converting keywords with lower CPC
  • Overall improved ROI

Learn more about keyword discovery and other PPC techniques by browsing our collection of free AdWords ebooks.

Benefits to SEO

Both with PPC and SEO, the question remains the same: What are people searching for and how can I attract relevant searchers to my website? The good news is that keyword discovery for SEO doesn't have to be all that different than what you're already doing for PPC, and the benefits are undeniable.

For search engine optimization, performing regular search engine keyword discovery provides:

Benefits to Business

Once you know what keywords people are searching and what keywords drive conversions, ways to associate that data is almost limitless. For example, discovering new keyword opportunities provides:

  • Insight into customer behavior
  • Product suggestions and feature requests
  • Feedback on brand awareness

Keyword discovery is one of the most important activities that can work towards growing your business, in addition to your search engine marketing results. With all the insight and advantages it provides, why is it so often overlooked?

The Trouble With Most Keyword Discovery Tools

Marketers don't perform enough keyword discovery because it's seen simply as an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming exercise, even with the help of keyword discovery tools. With all the copying and pasting into Excel spreadsheets and repetition involved, who has the time and the energy? Problems with keyword discovery tools include:

  • Irrelevant data sources: Sure, there are plenty of keyword tools out there, and many are even free, but after inputting every keyword into the tool and exporting results, it then comes time to manually weed out irrelevant keywords whose presence could greatly hurt your campaign.
  • No unique data: Another problem with keyword discovery tools is that the keyword information is available to the public or to anyone subscribing to the tool. Part of the advantage of keyword discovery is to set you apart from competitors, but that point is null when your keyword lists starts to look more and more like your competitor's.
  • No organization: Most keyword tools return an unstructured list. Disorganized, poorly managed keyword lists have limited use in search marketing. (Try WordStream's Free Keyword Grouper and Free Keyword Niche Finder tools to get structured keyword suggestions ready to put to use in PPC and SEO campaigns.)
  • Lack of negative suggestion tools: Constantly growing your keyword list is only good if the keywords are relevant, and it's imperative to use negative keyword tools to reduce the chance that your ad is shown to inappropriate parties. Keyword tools work to add to your keywords, but they really only get you half way there.
  • No synchronization: Now that you've performed your keyword research, the next question becomes what do you do with it all? You still have to apply that knowledge to your website and business, another chore in itself.

Discover Keywords With WordStream's PPC Keyword Discovery Tool

WordStream's PPC Keyword Discovery Tool (QueryStream) serves to address all the above concerns regarding keyword discovery. Simply connect your Google AdWords account with WordStream for PPC, and we will capture every search query that exposes users to your ads. WordStream lets you easily discover keywords people search for. When people find your website through a paid advertisement, WordStream's PPC Keyword Discovery Tool imports new keywords into your private keyword database multiple times per day.

WordStream identifies trends in your site's visitors' queries, showing you the most promising keyword groupings to optimize for conversions and helping you discover keywords with ease.

With WordStream, keyword discovery is specific to your website, keywords remain private and proprietary, and you can take action on them from within the same workbench. Even better, Keyword Discovery is simply one feature included in WordStream's PPC Keyword Software solution. Discovering keywords for your business has never been easier - it's simply the best keyword discovery tool there is!

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SEO Keyword Discovery with WordStream's Keyword Suggestion Tool

If your website is new and you don't have much historical keyword data to mine, or if you want to supplement your existing list with keywords that may be relevant to your site but aren't yet driving traffic for you, WordStream's keyword suggestion tool in the Keyword Research Suite will come in handy. The tool provides the same keyword suggestion functionality you'd find in our Free Keyword Tool, but with WordStream's added keyword analysis capabilities, showing you how to discover keywords for your business.

Just enter a word or phrase into the keyword discovery search bar and the tool will suggest a list of relevant keywords from our extensive keyword discovery database. You can select, modify or delete some of the keywords or export them all.

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How to Use Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery can be implemented in a number of ways:

  • For SEO: Discover what keywords searchers are using to reach your site, and then optimize for those keywords to rank higher in the SERPs. The keyword suggestion tool also allows you to discover website keywords that can influence the structure and information architecture of your site.
  • For PPC: Reach previously untapped markets with new keywords that can increase conversions and lower CTR.

Discovering and Organizing Keywords with WordStream

WordStream software shows you how to use keyword discovery quickly and effectively to find keywords that connect with your business and can drive traffic to your site.

And since the Keyword Suggestion Tool is bundled with other useful tools like the Keyword Niche Finder, Keyword Grouper, and Negative Keyword Tool, you can easily toggle back and forth between them all while using the Keyword Research Suite. All of the tools allow you to export your lists or groups to save and further analyze before taking action. Already have a keyword list? The Keyword Grouper takes your list and automatically organizes it into targeted groups with the click of a button!

With WordStream's Keyword Software, you have everything you need to manage, grow and optimize your keywords. Inside WordStream's premium editions, you can:

  • Manage your AdWords campaign more efficiently in WordStream for PPC
  • Visualize, organize and analyze keywords using the Keyword Research Suite
  • Receive negative keyword suggestions and apply negative terms using the Add Negatives feature in WordStream for PPC
  • Prioritize workflow by seeing which campaigns and ad groups need the greatest attention in WordStream for PPC, and which topics are driving the most organic traffic using the Keyword Grouper in Keyword Research Suite
  • Continuously grow and optimize your keyword list with new search queries discovered through the QueryStream in WordStream for PPC

For a temporary time, you can sample our free keyword discovery tool to witness the power of our tools and software. Try it and see the difference WordStream can make for your online marketing efforts!

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