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Goal Talk Podcast Episode 14: The True Meaning of a Work-Life Balance

Author: Mikayla Wyman
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Goal Talk Podcast Episode 14: The True Meaning of a Work-Life Balance

May 26, 2020


On each episode of this season of the Goal Talk podcast, I interview a marketing or management expert to bring small business owners and marketers the information they need to successfully grow their businesses.

Last week, we dove deep into another highly visible and incredibly important aspect of your digital marketing campaigns—landing pages. For last week’s episode, I interviewed a long-tenured WordStream marketing expert who currently runs our in-house agency team, Zina Kayyali, to discuss the essential elements of effective landing pages for advertisers across industries. Among other things, we walked through the importance of having highly relevant and specific landing pages for your offers. If you haven’t heard that episode yet you can find it here.

This week’s topic: Finding a work-life balance in a small business

Though we’ve discussed many aspects of both digital marketing and small business management, we’ve devoted the last few episodes on advertising topics that are essential to master. This week, I interview another tenured WordStream marketer, Greg Herrmann, our in-house learning and development program manager, to discuss the importance of creating a culture that promotes a healthy balance between work and personal life.

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Throughout this episode, we discuss why providing an environment of trust and balance is important, as well as some examples we have both experienced in our time in the workforce. We provide examples of companies doing this really well, as well as some ways to provide a great and manageable balance to employees.

In this week’s episode, we discuss:

  • What a work-life balance is and why it’s so important for employees.
  • Examples of ways to better your culture to promote a work-life balance.
  • Examples of companies doing it really well.
  • How companies that are just starting out can prioritize balance while maintaining high growth goals.

And more!

An important note about the episode: This interview with Greg was recorded before we’ve felt the majority of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. These insights are mainly focused on examples and tactics available within the traditional business environment where employees come into the office but can also be useful for companies during the pandemic.

You can find this week’s episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, as well as your favorite podcast app. Also, don’t forget to watch new episodes on our YouTube channel, follow the podcast’s Twitter account for episode releases, ask the hosts questions, and join in on the conversation.

About the podcast:

The Goal Talk podcast is all about giving small business owners and marketers the information they need to succeed. From advertising tactics that help you personalize your message for your customers to management styles that will help your employees perform at their full potential and feel satisfied in their role, we’re sharing valuable takeaways to help you and your business flourish by interviewing the experts and sharing their insights. Listen here.


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Mikayla is our social and community engagement specialist at WordStream (follow us!). Her interests include jammy red wine and trying to find the best breakfast taco in town. She recently ran her first half marathon and is scouting locations for her second.

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