Brad McMillen

Brad McMillen

Brad McMillen is a digital marketing consultant and freelance copywriter at Mac Strat in Indianapolis, Indiana. He manages pay-per-click campaigns, performs SEO audits, writes web content, and crafts direct-response copy. Connect with Brad on LinkedIn.

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How to Write a Killer Company One-Pager (With Examples)

A one-pager distills your business down into the core components that matter most to your customers. In this post, I'm going to walk you through the essential elements you need when writing a one-sheet for your business and provide real examples for added inspiration.

How (& Why) to Use Branding to Supercharge Your Advertising

For sustained business growth, your branding and advertising must go hand-in-hand. This post covers the reasons to incorporate branding into your ads, methods of doing so, and examples of businesses doing it right.

7 Strategies for High-Converting Landing Pages

Take a look at some landing page strategies that go beyond the basics, so you can take your landing pages to a new level of conversion power.

5 Ways to Get Tons of Low-Cost Conversions on Facebook

You can grow your business with Facebook ads if you know what you’re doing. After all, everyone is on Facebook -- but how do you reach the RIGHT people with your ads to achieve serious ROI? Leave five easy tips to get more Facebook conversions for less money.

Voice of the Customer: The Secret Weapon For Great Landing Page Copy

What is the voice of the customer? VOC is all about using your customers' language to write more convincing, effective ad and landing page copy. Learn how to conduct voice of customer research that will help you write more conversion-friendly landing pages that resonate with your audience.

Call Tracking Metrics: The Top 5 Metrics for Inbound Calls

Learn the top five metrics to track when measuring inbound call leads from paid search in this guide to PPC call tracking metrics.

How Your Google Ads Daily Budget Works With Ad Scheduling

Don't let Google spend more than your monthly budget! Let’s review how your Google Ads daily budget works, especially when you’re using ad scheduling.

How to Compete in AdWords: Improve Results Without Just Raising Bids

Are you staying competitive in AdWords? Learn how to get your Google ads at the top of the page WITHOUT just bidding higher in this guide.

Google Ads Holiday Planning for 2019: How to Use the Automate Feature

Learn how to use Automated Rules in Google AdWords to pause PPC campaigns and improve efficiency during the holiday season.