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Conor Bond

Conor Bond is a Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Crayon, the software-driven competitive intelligence platform that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything going on outside their four walls.

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Fulfillment by Amazon: How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a terrific option for ecommerce sellers who need help with filling and shipping orders. Learn all about how Amazon FBA works including FBA fees and costs and the pros and cons of using FBA.

Facebook Removes Ad Targeting Options – Should You Be Worried?

Facebook has removed over 5,000 ad targeting options from its advertising platform. Check out this blog post to get the information you need to know.

16 Accessible and Affordable Music Marketing Tips

Great marketing practices are key for anyone who wants to turn his or her music into a career. Check out this blog post for our very best music marketing tips!

4 Facebook Updates to Help You Market Your Local Business

Facebook has announced several updates to help small, local businesses with their online marketing efforts. We broke down everything you need to know to get your business noticed locally and online.

Facebook’s Ad Transparency Feature: Your New Favorite (Free) Competitive Research Tool

Facebook's new ad transparency measures give users more information about businesses and their ads. You can use this to your advantage, or let your competitors have all the fun. Here's what it all means for Facebook advertisers.

5 of the Funniest, Millennial-Approved Brand Accounts on Twitter

Humor is a stellar way to build a brand on Twitter. If you're looking to up your own Twitter game or just want some funny Twitter accounts to follow, you're in luck!

5 Exciting New Features Coming to Google Shopping

Last week, Google unveiled several new features coming to its Shopping platform. If you're an ecommerce advertiser, check out this primer covering everything you need to know about the latest Google Shopping updates.

Linkedin Carousel Ads Have Arrived

Linkedin now offers carousel ads for marketers on the platform. In this blog, we explain how carousel ads work and why you should use them.

The Secrets of the Instagram Algorithm – Revealed!

In a move toward increased transparency, Instagram recently explained exactly how its algorithm works to organize content in users' feeds. Here is everything advertisers need to know about the Instagram algorithm.