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Conor Bond

Conor Bond is a Content Marketing & SEO Specialist at Crayon, the software-driven competitive intelligence platform that enables businesses to track, analyze, and act on everything going on outside their four walls.

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9 Comparative Advertising Examples to Help You Get Ahead

Comparative advertising is a great way to communicate value quickly and effectively—while also differentiating yourself from your competition. Here, we rounded up nine examples of comparative advertising to inspire your next campaign!

Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Survival Guide: 10 Stats & Tips

The holidays are almost here, so it's getting late for shopping—but not too late. In this last-minute holiday shopping guide, we're sharing the stats and strategies you need to make the most of the last few holiday shopping days, including remarketing strategies, discounts, and more!

The 11 Biggest Google Ads Updates of 2019

Google made a lot of changes in 2019—but for advertisers, some of the updates and innovations were more important than others. Here, we're rounding up the 11 biggest Google Ads updates of the year, including new search audiences, retirement of average position, and so much more!

9 SEO Copywriting Tips to Rank Sky-High (with Examples!)

Learn how to write content that ranks with these nine SEO copywriting tips we swear by.

New Audience Targeting Options Coming to Google Search

Google announced two new audience targeting options for Google Search: affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences. Here, we break down what these audiences are and share how you can make the most of these for your campaigns!

User-Generated Images Come to Google Shopping Reviews

Google recently announced that you can now include user-generated images in Google Shopping reviews. Here, we're telling you what this means, how to sign up, and—most importantly—how to use this update to improve your Google Shopping acount!

Google Call-Only Ads with No Headlines Cut CPA by 28% [Case Study]

Google call-only ads are great when your prospective customer need your help right this second. We dug into a hunch that Google call-only ads helped your prospective customers get your help faster when they don't have headlines.

Google Changes Nofollow Link Guidelines & More Recent News

In this edition of the online advertising news round-up, we look at Google changing nofollow links, Facebook testing in-app checkout, and more!

Your Comprehensive, Go-To Guide to Google Merchant Center

What is Google Merchant Center and how do you use it? Navigating Google Merchant Center can be overwhelming for ecommerce advertisers. Check out this complete guide for all the information you need!