Heather Widman

Heather Widman

Heather Widman heads up Product Marketing at WordStream. She is a lover of the arts, yacht rock, the ocean and terriers. When she isn’t generating demand, you can find her traversing the city with her dog @WillaTheWelshie.

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New AdWords Remarketing Features in WordStream Advisor Are Here!

Remarketing ads have much higher engagement than plain old display. Now, thanks to WordStream Advisor's new cross-platform remarketing features, users can stay connected with their target audience, beyond direct website interaction and emails.

New, FREE Facebook Analytics Tools from WordStream

The Facebook Ads Grader is the newest member in our club of free analytics tools built to help you understand exactly where you stand with your online advertising efforts. Learn how these free tools can help you analyze and improve your Facebook ad campaigns.

Introducing New & Improved Success Reports for Cross-Platform Campaign Analysis

Reporting has long been the bane of many marketers' existence, but it remains a vital part of the process. That's why WordStream has completely revamped its reporting functionality! Find out how WordStream's new reporting features can make your life a whole lot easier.

New 20-Minute Work Week Alert: Device Bid Adjustments

Our customers look to us to make their lives easier. That’s why we built a new Device Bid Adjustment alert to help users manage their mobile bids right inside the 20-Minute Work Week.

New Facebook Features in WordStream Advisor Have Landed!

The latest release of WordStream Advisor introduces a slew of exciting new features to help you create better-looking and more effective Facebook Ads -- the fast and easy way!