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New AdWords Remarketing Features in WordStream Advisor Are Here!

Author: Heather Widman
Last Updated: July 21, 2021 | Display Ads, WordStream


New AdWords Remarketing Features in WordStream Advisor Are Here!

February 20, 2019
Display Ads


Our customers rely on our software to manage all their online advertising campaigns, while providing them with a seamless and streamlined workflow to put time back in their day and save them money along the way.

To add to the cross-platform capabilities Advisor already supports, search (for AdWords and Bing) and social (Facebook and Instagram), we are happy to announce NEW capabilities to support remarketing with AdWords.

With the power of remarketing in AdWords, WordStream Advisor users can now stay connected with their target audience, beyond direct website interaction and emails. Plus, remarketing ads have much higher engagement (both click-through rates and conversion rates) than typical display ads – bonus!

So how exactly does WordStream help? Let’s break that down…

WordStream Supported Display Campaign Types

The intuitive workflow of the Advisor platform enables you to easily create and manage AdWords remarketing campaigns with a simple step-by-step process to cut out the clutter and target the audiences you want to reach. Now in Advisor, you can create Display campaigns with existing remarketing lists to target website visitors, customer email lists, and “similar to” lists.

wordstream advisor remarketing

By creating display remarketing campaigns, you are able to show enticing visual ads to your recent website visitors or customer lists even as they browse other parts of the web, thus gaining brand exposure, raising trust, and becoming more recognizable to your target audience.

And if that doesn’t get you excited to jump on the display remarketing wagon, these types of campaigns can dramatically increase your conversion rates and ROI, since past site visitors who are already familiar with your brand are much more likely to become customers or complete other valuable actions on your site.

Smart Ads for Responsive Display Ad Creation

Building creative assets for use on the Google Display Network is complicated, time-consuming and – if you opt to hire someone – expensive! But now, you can become your own creative manager without opening a design application or hiring out.

By combining machine-learning with your website and Facebook business pages, Advisor’s Smart Ads suite automatically turns your existing images into agency-caliber creative to produce appealing and attractive responsive display ads.

wordstream smart ads for display ad creation

With the functionality to pre-populate and auto-crop images from your website or Facebook Business page, you no longer need to create specific ads for all display sizes. All your existing creative is at your fingertips to pick and choose from to create ads you can be proud of.

Centralized Place for your Targeting Efforts

With cross-platform capabilities, Advisor allows you to manage all your advertising campaigns in one place for quick access and a comprehensive view of your online advertising efforts.

This means that you can edit your AdWords remarketing targeting and exclusion lists on one page, and within two clicks, change the age range for a Facebook remarketing campaign. Or, you can see where all your spend is going per platform and adjust your budget between AdWords, Facebook and Bing, to get the most out of your advertising dollars.

wordstream remarketing cross platform capabilities

Between the Performance Dashboard which offers an overall view of your spend, conversions, CPA, clicks, and CPC per platform, and the customizable, auto-generated Cross-Platform Success Reports, you are sure not to miss a metric or key insight for all of your accounts.

Getting Started with the New Remarketing Features

WordStream customers: Make sure you’ve added the AdWords remarketing pixel to your website so that visitors can get added to your AdWords remarketing audiences through browser cookies, then simply log-in to Advisor to get started!

While in the “Manage” section, you can access the “Campaigns” Tab to create and manage new Display Campaigns, or review your current targeting efforts in the new “Targeting” tab.

new wordstream remarketing features

Not using Advisor yet? Start a free trial and take these AdWords remarketing features for a test drive.

More to Come

Check back often as we will continue to enhance our AdWords remarketing and Display Network capabilities in the coming months. In the meantime…

Whether you are trying to decide if display remarketing is right for you or looking for a single software solution to help you manage all your online advertising needs, the WordStream experts are here to help. We LIKE giving demos! Contact us here to set one up.

Do you have product ideas and feedback? Send them to [email protected]!


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