Jess Armstrong

Jess Armstrong

As a customer marketer at WordStream, Jess tries to delight customers with insightful emails, webinars and events. Her three favorite liquids are coffee, hot sauce, and beer.

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Goodbye, Average Position: Everything You Need to Know

Earlier this year, Google announced its plan to retire average position. Now, the metric will be officially gone in September. Here's what you need to know, including how to prepare your account and how to to use Google's new metrics.

Facebook "Bug" Reveals Organic Reach Is Even Worse Than We Thought

Facebook announced that the organic reach of your posts has been overrepresented by 50% in the Page Insights dashboard. What can you do about these dismal numbers?

Is Quality Score REALLY Just Click-Through Rate?

I have heard speculations as high as 60%. However, if that were true, it would not explain why you see keywords with a great CTR and only a mediocre Quality Score. Of course, the real answer is much more complicated.