Free AdWords Ebooks: Download an Informative AdWords Ebook To Boost Your PPC Campaigns

Free AdWords Ebooks

Free AdWords Ebook

Our Google AdWords ebooks have been created to provide you with an ultimate library of information that will assist you in optimizing every aspect of your AdWords campaigns.

We hope you enjoy our collection of AdWords ebooks—they are yours to download for free!

They'll provide you with the knowledge you need to learn how to use Google AdWords effectively. We hope you find them informative and beneficial.

Check out our library of free AdWords ebooks below:


Controlling AdWords PPC Costs with Negative Keywords Ebook

This free AdWords ebook is packed with information to help you understand, discover, and implement negative keywords.

This AdWords ebook download includes:

  • Negative Keywords: Putting a Stop to Waste & Maximizing PPC Profits - Our Google AdWords free ebook includes an overview of the negative keywords basics: what they are, why you should use them, and how to find negative keyword candidates using negative keyword tools.
  • Fight Cross-Campaign Ad Poaching with Negative Keyword Lists - Learn how to prevent your campaigns from poaching impression from each other by using campaign-specific negative keyword lists.
  • Advanced Search Query Mining: A Five-Step Guide - This long article by Chad Summerhill details how to thoroughly examine your search query reports and perform Excel magic to find negative keywords and new keyword opportunities.

Using Negative Keywords to Maximize Profits: An AdWords Ebook Download

In this free AdWords ebook, we’ll discuss how negative keywords enable you to strategically restrict your PPC advertisements so that they only reach your best potential audience.

Effective PPC management requires expanding your keyword portfolio while simultaneously refining the list of keywords you're currently bidding on in order to maximize relevance—increasing profits as a result. This Google AdWords ebook outlines an effective strategy for creating a negative keyword list that will boost click-through rates and PPC profits. Learn why negative keywords are such valuable AdWords secrets.


How to Choose a PPC Software Platform: A Free AdWords Ebook

This PPC buying guide free ebook will provide you with the information necessary to choose the PPC management platform that's right for your business. After reading this AdWords ebook, you’ll be able to answer key questions like:

  • Is PPC software worth the investment?
  • Could the right platform help me increase my ROI?
  • What areas of my campaigns need extra help?
  • What kinds of tools address my specific needs?


How to Choose a PPC Agency: Finding the Right Marketing Agency for You

This Google AdWords free ebook will walk you through the process of determining which PPC agency is right for you. After reading this guide, you'll understand:

  • If you really need to outsource your PPC campaign management
  • What qualities to look for in an online marketing agency
  • What questions to ask potential PPC agencies

Download this free AdWords ebook and checklist today to find the best agency for your business.


Improving Quality Score: The Beating AdWords Ebook

This AdWords miracle ebook offers an in-depth look at Quality Score, how it's calculated, why it's important, and what Google says itself about optimizing Quality Score. Get winning results with this Google AdWords ebook, which will provide you with a clear understanding of how to obtain the benefits of higher Quality Score. Beat AdWords at its own game with the this Improving Quality Score ebook.


Google AdWords Free Ebook - The Quality Score Toolkit

This Google AdWords free ebook comes packed with a Quality Score Toolkit that gives you all the resources you’ll need to improve your Quality Scores, helping you reach more people while lowering costs. This Google AdWords free ebook includes:

  • Quality Score Worksheet: Get a full analysis of your AdWords account from a Quality Score perspective. You'll get a fast and easy visual overview of how your campaigns are performing and where to improve.
  • Video: Mastering Quality Score: A comprehensive Quality Score 101 video session.
  • Quality Score White Paper: Learn how Quality Score is calculated, why it's important, and how to optimize your campaigns in order to get the highest Quality Score.
  • Quality Score Cheat Sheet: All the information you'll need to master Quality Score.


Free Google AdWords Ebook

Keyword Research for SEO and AdWords Ebook

Our Keyword Research for SEO and AdWords Ebook download includes:

  • The Keyword Research Cheat Sheet – This PDF cheat sheet offers a bird's-eye view of what keyword research is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition – 35 of the biggest names in SEO weigh in on how to best determine the competitiveness of a keyword.
  • Guide to Keyword Research for Social Media – In this guide we offer tips and tricks for leveraging keyword research in order to bring in more traffic with social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Keyword Monitoring Worksheet – This tool enables you to plug in keyword data every month and monitor trends in your rankings and traffic from SEO, helping you determine how organic search engine marketing efforts are improving your business.
  • 4 Steps to Better Keyword Grouping – This white paper outlines a four-step process that will help you organize your keywords into actionable, Google-friendly groups.


10 Ways Keyword Management Improves Search Marketing: The AdWords Miracle Ebook

This AdWords Miracle Ebook explains  ten benefits of implementing keyword management best practices. Following these best practices turns your keywords into qualified traffic, leads, and sales. This in-depth Google AdWords free ebook discusses:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Grouping and Organization
  • Structuring Campaigns for Maximum Reach and High ROI


Improve Your Keyword Grouping : A Google AdWords Ebook

If you only have time for one change to improve the overall performance of your PPC and SEO efforts, turn your attention to keyword grouping. Improved keyword grouping and organization can transform every aspect of your search campaigns, resulting in greater efficiency, more conversions and higher profits.


Measuring the Long Term ROI of PPC: Get Winning Results With Google AdWords Ebook

This AdWords ebook download offers tips to evaluate and improve the long-term value of your campaigns. This Google AdWords ebook will help you understand:

  • Why search engine marketing campaigns are chronically undervalued
  • Questions you should be asking about your SEM campaigns
  • How to measure the long-term ROI of your PPC campaigns
  • How you can improve the profitability of your SEM efforts with superior tools and techniques


7 Ways to Conduct a Better Search Campaign for SEO or PPC AdWords Ebook

If you’ve got seven days, you’ve got the time to create a hard-working, high-performance search campaign. These seven steps will help you build a comprehensive, relevant, dynamic campaign. Follow these steps to reach AdWords success! As soon as next week, your business could be seeing:

  • An increase in traffic
  • More qualified leads
  • Lower costs and higher ROI


AdWords Match Types : Get Winnings Results With Google AdWords Ebook

The keyword matching options that you use in Google AdWords can have a major impact on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your pay-per-click campaigns. After reading this Google AdWords free ebook, you'll have insight into:

  • Different keyword match types offered in AdWords
  • How, when, and why to use each match type to get the best results
  • How negative keywords can save you money and improve your CTR
  • Best practices for applying each match type


PPC Best Practices : A Beating Google AdWords Ebook

Need AdWords help? This ebook contains proven methodology, workflow, and tools for maximizing return on investment and simplifying the management of PPC marketing campaigns.

These AdWords ebooks can be downloaded and read on computers, tablets, or mobile devices with an ebook reader like the Google Play Books e-reader.

Also, learn how to get more out of your Keywords:

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