Blog SEO Tips for Non-SEOs: 3 Things Bloggers that Aren’t Search Nerds Forget to Do

By Elisa Gabbert October 22, 2013 Posted In: Blogging Comments: 133

Here’s your “duh” of the day: You don’t have to be an SEO to be a good blogger. I bet 90% of search marketers read a blog or five that has nothing to do with search marketing, whether it’s a cooking blog, nail art porn or Andrew Sullivan.

Some of the best and most popular blogs in any given niche get high rankings and lots of links without thinking too hard about SEO. Instead, they focus on:

  • Great content: Popular blogs develop huge readerships primarily because the content is awesome; it’s that simple. (Here’s a reminder of the eight qualities that make great content great.)
  • Great design: Almost as important as great content is great design – your business blog needs to be both attractive and usable. High-quality photographs or illustrations are a big plus.
  • Community building: The best bloggers nurture an active, devoted following. New search engine traffic is nice, but they put most of the focus on the readers that keep coming back.
  • Social sharing: Good bloggers love their own content, so they’re not shy to share it around when they create something new. They put it up on Twitter, Facebook, etc. post haste. This gets the chain going so people can start reading, sharing, and commenting.

When you’re nailing it in all four areas, you’re doing a good amount of SEO as a matter of course. That’s because Google knows that by serving up your blog in the top of the results, its users are going to be happy.

But there’s still more you could do to make your blog even better. Here are a few blogging tips and tricks that search engine optimizers know and non-SEO bloggers frequently forget.

Add Internal Links

Don’t think of internal linking as “PageRank sculpting” or some shady-hat SEO thing. The main reason to practice regular internal linking is that it makes your site stickier.

If you write for CinemaFunk, you rank on the first page for “movie review blogs.” Good job! But let’s say, for example, that someone lands on your blog after googling “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Review.” They find your movie review and read it with interest … but do they stick around and read anything else?

Blog SEO Best Practices

They might, if they really like your writing style – luckily, CinemaFunk has a sidebar with links to recent reviews and most popular reviews. This is a great tactic to reduce bounce rate, since new visitors might want to see other content that best represents what you do. There’s a problem with relegating all your links to the sidebar, though – they’re not clearly relevant to the article the visitor landed on, since they’re the same links site-wide.

This blogger missed an opportunity when he compared this movie to another movie that he has reviewed, Upstream Color, but didn’t link to that review:

Internal Linking Tips

Since this would clearly be relevant to the reader, it should really be a link. Don’t make the reader use your site search to find that review! And you know your own content better than anyone, so it should simple for you to find older posts to link to while writing.

Internal linking do’s and don’ts:

  • If you write a new post and realize you have nothing relevant to link to, do let that serve as a map for your next content pieces. For example, CinemaFunk compares Gravity to 2001, but the site doesn’t have a review of 2001 to link to. Why not post some reviews of classic films?
  • Do use descriptive anchor text when linking internally. Hyperlink the words “Upstream Color review,” not arbitrary words like “reviewed last week.” This tells readers what they’ll get when they click the link. There is, theoretically, a risk of over-optimizing your anchor text, but that’s unlikely to happen if you’re not abusing automation or buying links.
  • Don’t overdo it, obviously. Text with too many links is hard to read, and readers will just ignore them.
  • Don’t get so excited about internal links that you never link externally. Sometimes an external link will be the best resource for your readers. Also, when people click that link, you’ll show up in the referring sites list for that external site’s analytics – and that’s a great way to make relevant site owners aware of your existence.

Optimize Images for Search

Often, popular blogs in non-SEO niches will have really beautiful images and photography. For example, take Michelle Phan, who has one of the most popular beauty blogs. She has plenty of pretty sparkly images, like this one:

Blog Image SEO

If you right-click this image in Chrome and select “Inspect element,” you can see what kind of optimization was done on this photo:

Blog Image Optimization

You can see that the image has been made easily Pinnable – hover over the photo, and the words “PIN THIS” appear in an overlay. That’s great because Pinterest is huge for driving traffic to this kind of beauty/lifestyle blog.

Pinterest Optimization for Blogs

But more could be done here to optimize the image for search. The file name is a string of random letters and numbers. This isn’t readable by humans or search engine spiders. Further, the alt text doesn’t tell us what the image is either – it just refers back to the name of the post (“My Week in Photos”).

Blog image optimization do’s and don’ts:

  • Do use descriptive words in your image file names. Instead of 662gf…., this photo should be named something like purple-lips.jpg.
  • Do use your alt text to describe the photo. Use words that will tell Google what’s in the image. This will help it rank in image search results.
  • Do choose photos that are relevant to the topic of your post. That way, you can describe what the photo is using keywords that will help your post rank in the regular search results too.
  • Don’t use image file names and alt text as an opportunity for keyword stuffing. Cramming 20 words into your alt text (“purple lips sparkly lips purple lipstick purple glitter lipstick” etc. etc.) is unnecessary.

Long-Tail Keyword Research

Great bloggers tend to be really good at intuiting the topics their readers want to hear about – that, and/or they pay close attention to what their readers request in the comments. Often, blogging naturals just stumble upon great keywords. They might not even be using keyword tools; can you imagine?!

If you’re just that good at giving the people what they want, I support you. But even if you don’t use keyword tools to get your initial content topic ideas, it’s a good idea to use them to find long-tail keyword variations on your topic of choice. Using those long-tail terms in your content will help you rank for a wider range of keyword searches.

Unfortunately, Google no longer offers an external keyword tool to people who don’t have an AdWords account. But there are lots of other ways to find long-tail keywords – for example, by using Google suggest:

Long-Tail Keywords for Blogs

Here’s a random blog post that I grabbed from my Feedly reader: “Five Books on French Cuisine.” Taking a quick look at Keyword Planner, we can see that “French food” has almost three times the search volume of “French cuisine.”

Long-Tail Keyword SEO

So “French food books” or “books on French food” or “books about French food” would be good keyword variations to include here. (The phrase “French food” appears once in the post, but that’s not a long-tail term.)

There are lot of other ideas here too: “traditional French food,” “French food recipes,” etc. Seeing these terms before you start writing might change the way you approach the post – you might decide to write a few different posts, one on books about traditional French food or the history of French cuisine, another on new French cookbooks, and so on. Or you might decide to write a longer list, divided up into subcategories. Then you could put all those long-tail keyword variations, like “Easy French Food Cookbooks,” into subheadings on the page.

Long-tail keyword do’s and don’ts:

  • Do use long-tail keywords as a way of building out your content. Doing long-tail keyword research may make you realize that you can expand on a point you had forgotten.
  • Do use long-tail keywords in subheads, image file names, your meta description … not just the regular text.
  • Don’t long-tail-keyword-stuff. You can use long-tail keywords in your content without making it obvious that you’re doing it for SEO purposes, as in this old joke:

Blog SEO Joke

BONUS: A Few More Blog SEO Best Practices You May Be Forgetting

Do you optimize your URL structure, so that the URL clearly communicates what the post is about? Some blogging software just assigns a random URL string, rather than keywords, as in this URL:

Do you moderate comments, and respond to all the legitimate ones?

Do you make it easy as cake for people to share your content? We’re talking prominent social buttons!

If you’re in the business of blogging but not in the business of SEO, take a good hard look at your blogging practices. You might be under-optimizing your content. 

AdWords Performance Grader

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Tuesday October 22, 2013

Danny (not verified) Said:

Thank you, your opinion is very straightforward and raised serious issues that blogging always have. I have applied many different ways, including the procedure you have said, but have not found very effective. Looking forward to learning more from you.


Tuesday October 22, 2013

Daisy Coleman (not verified) Said:

Great informative article! Guest bloggers are a good way of increasing the popularity of your blog. A guess can post something on your site and you can in return post something on their site.

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Thanks, Daisy and Danny! Just remember that Google is cracking down a little bit on guest posting ... as with most things in SEO, go for quality, not quantity.

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Rick Noel (not verified) Said:

Great tips Elisa. All of these techniques are great best practices to help ensure that bloggers can find the demand. Your example with French Cuisine and French Food was a particularly good one. We use The Yoast SEO plug-in which helps users adhere to many of the best practices you outline. Also, making sure that posts are substantive, including images and videos can help, especially post hummingbird. Recency is also super important, especially in certain niches where there is high demand for fresh content in certain contexts that change often such as features/functions of social networks that are continually evolving. Thanks for sharing.

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

Great points, Rick, thanks! In a lot of niches, content goes out of date after a few years anyway, so you can address the recency question by giving older content a refresh and update.

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Chih-jen Cheng (not verified) Said:

Great article, Elisa. Since this article is written for non-SEOs, I would also recommend one of my favoraite free keyword suggestion tools - ubersuggest

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Rayan Quisely (not verified) Said:

Great post. Thanks for such nice and detail do's and dont's tips about SEO. The blog having good and interesting content will definatly get more hits and helps in increasing the ranking of website.



Wednesday October 23, 2013

Search Engine Xpert (not verified) Said:

Excelleng post Elisa, All the points are very informative and breifly expalined here. I also do blog commenting beacuse this is one of the best way to get traffic and share information among related people or communities. 

Wednesday October 23, 2013

The Academic Papers (not verified) Said:

great post Elisa you mention all good points its very helpful for all of us and I say you all follow these points

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Alex Joll (not verified) Said:

Great article and I particularly like the internal links to make the article sticky.

I normally try and reference back to earlier articles too as this seems to help.

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Adam (not verified) Said:

That's just what Google likes to be - To forget about SEO when we're working on a site. We should work on it to be user-friendly, not Search Engines friendly.
Thanks for sharing it, well said.

Friday October 25, 2013

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Wednesday October 23, 2013

Nate (not verified) Said:

Targeting long tail keywords should be a part of any quality SEO strategy as it helps to achieve quick wins and is great for creating a solid content marketing strategy. 

Thursday October 24, 2013

Metz (not verified) Said:

"You don’t have to be an SEO to be a good blogger." You are right so I concur with you.

There are lots of reasons why people generate a blog. Some just wanted to share their list of poems, wants to share their pieces of arts and craft, share informative tutorials about certain things and yes! You are right that ever bloggers read some of them. Why? Because they are information, fun, amazing and helpful.

To wrap this up, this pillar is revealing.

Thursday October 24, 2013

Orenj Technology (not verified) Said:

I find improving my internal linking structure of my website a good way to boost my traffic since I can put keywords in it on my site to make other pages indexable my search engine bots.

Sunday October 27, 2013

Jonathan (not verified) Said:

Great design is a great point, Google does look at that and it impacts the rankings heavily if done incorrectly. Nice post.

Monday October 28, 2013

John Smith (not verified) Said:

Hi Elisa,

Great pointers, you have disscused some new aspects of SEO, your methods are quite different especially your explanation about using image tags for SEO purpose and way to find the right keywords which satisfy the user query on google, these tips works for any blog or website regardless of their niche. Thank you for your wise post.

Tuesday October 29, 2013

Amy Jasmine (not verified) Said:

That's a lovely post! I stopped by when i was researching for optimizing my blog and your presentation was so useful. Keep going. Awaiting to hear more tips from you Elisa!!

Thursday October 31, 2013

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Friday November 01, 2013

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Tuesday November 05, 2013

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You've nailed some of the most overlooked tools at any bloggers disposal - interlinking and anchor text. By overlooking your own internal link structure, you're not only missing out on a chance to drive website visitors through the sales and marketing funnel, but you're ignoring one of the most controllable SEO elements at your disposal - and one that works regardless of your success at sharing and link-building with other relevant websites. If you've got the ability to build your own link profile, do it - and at the very least, you'll be helping your visitors to get more out of your site.

Sunday November 10, 2013

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i wouldn't go as far as renaming all the image files. the gain is tiny (if there is any) and the work can be huge. the best tip for images is to use a short descriptive alt text on ALL images.

urls should be as short as possible. normally something like and for categories something like /cat/shortnameofcategory/


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I find this article of yours very interesting. Just like you, I also do believe that we should use descriptive anchor text when linking internally. We should also need to remember that we must never optimize our anchor text. Anyway, thumbs up for this excellent article and I am really looking forward to read more of your latest articles.

Saturday May 03, 2014

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Sunday May 18, 2014

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Thursday May 22, 2014

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Tuesday June 10, 2014

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This is very true and practical. Great tips for all bloggers, Thanks for this. Cheers!

Sunday June 15, 2014

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Monday June 23, 2014

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Sunday July 13, 2014

salimath (not verified) Said:

that would be great lesson for beginners like me thanks for the brief explanation

Monday August 04, 2014

Ahmed (not verified) Said:

I have hear about over-optimizing your anchor text before and still hearing now. I have learn somthing about it is Search engine land.

But one thing, If I do it with my interal link how is this? will it also harm my site?

Thursday August 07, 2014

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I found lots of interesting information here. The post was professionally written, I have learn something new from your blog. Elisa thanks for sharing such an useful seo tips...

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This is great Elisa and just what I was searching for to help with my blog's SEO.
I've copy/pasted your do's & don'ts list  as a reference to make sure I put your tips into proper practice.
Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for posting!!

Monday October 20, 2014

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Overall, I think the best way to get natrual traffic is the content. Using the title as bait and the header as an appetizer, the content will serve as the main dish.

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