Keyword Grouping - Learn How to Create More Profitable Keyword Groups

Keyword grouping tools from WordStream's suite of keyword tools will enable you to quickly and efficiently manage hundreds of thousands of keywords and keyword groups.

In search engine marketing, effective AdWords keyword grouping is crucial. In fact, creating optimized, themed keyword groups is the key to designing and implementing high-performance pay-per-click marketing campaigns. This is true for multiple reasons:

  • Higher Quality Score - How relevant an ad group is to its ad text and to its landing page plays a major role in determining the Quality Score your ads and keywords will receive.
  • Lower costs - This affects the minimum bid and minimum first page bid that will be assigned to your keyword, which in turn plays a major role in your overall costs.
  • Increased exposure - Quality Score also affects your ad positioning which can give your ads greater exposure and higher click-through rates.

Additionally, because of the long-tail principle of search engine marketing, optimal SEM campaigns should consist of as many specific semantic keyword groups as possible. Being able to effectively segment these terms into tightly related ad groups is both difficult and imperative.

This page will show you the best way to group keywords using WordStream's proprietary keyword grouping software.

Grouping keywords with WordStream's free tools

WordStream offers two free tools to help you discover and organize keywords relevant to your business and website:

Keyword Grouper

  • The Free Keyword Grouper: Drop in a list of up to 1,000 keywords and this free tool groups them for you into tightly knit clusters.
  • The Free Keyword Niche Finder: Enter a keyword to discover profitable keyword niches that translate into a high-performance PPC campaign structure and SEO-friendly site architecture.


These easy-to-use tools provide more valuable and actionable results by adding a layer of structure to simple keyword suggestions. Now imagine if you had a way to manage your keyword groups while expanding your keyword research every day, so your campaigns could grow without sacrificing organization. Our software is the answer.

Intelligent keyword grouping suggestions

Our PPC management software provides a means of quickly turning an extensive, ever-growing body of keywords into tightly related keyword groups. It could take hours or days to manually organize a keyword list into tightly knit groups, but with WordStream, that work is automated and happens instantly, before your eyes.

Keyword Grouping Software

As a result, you can instantly visualize a Quality Score friendly, semantically related keyword grouping strategy and create keyword groups accordingly.

Once you have a keyword structure, some work remains. And, because it's fully integrated with Google AdWords, you can do nearly all of this work right inside your WordStream dashboard:

  • Author Ad Text - WordStream can help you write highly targeted, effective ads quickly using your keyword analytic data.
  • Creating Landing Pages - While you'll have to create and author your own landing pages, you can leverage WordStream ad text suggestions to create highly relevant, effective landing page copy.
  • Publishing to Your AdWords Account - You can upload the work you do in WordStream directly to AdWords.

Learn More about Keyword Grouping with WordStream

To see how WordStream's software can help you create more effective, profitable keyword groups for pay-per-click marketing, sign up for a free demo.

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