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Paid Search Marketing: Optimize Paid Search Campaigns with Better Tools

Paid search marketing is an inexpensive and scalable form of Web marketing and can be a great way to draw qualified visitors to your website. Paid search marketing campaigns involve bidding for ad placement in a search engine's sponsored links for keywords related to your business offering; you pay the search engine a small fee for each click on your paid ad (hence the name pay-per-click marketing).

Google and other search engines return two kinds of results to users: natural, or organic, search results, and paid search results. 

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Appearing in the sponsored links requires entering into an auction and competing with other bidders for advertising space. So why engage in paid search advertising, hire a PPC Consultant when you can rank in Google's organic results for free?

First of all, organic SEO isn't free. It takes a lot of time, effort and knowledge to win high organic search engine rankings. Those resources are anything but free for your company. Especially for newer, less established sites, it can take quite a while to gain enough domain authority to get on the first few pages for your best keywords. In the meantime, you're just sitting around waiting for qualified leads. 

One of the terrific things about paid search campaigns is that they're fast and easy to set up—no waiting around for inbound links or for new web pages to be indexed by search engine spiders. With the right paid search marketing tools and strategies, you can quickly launch a PPC campaign and start collecting visitors, leads and sales.

But what are the "right" tools for marketers looking to maximize returns on paid search engine marketing (SEM)?

WordStream offers a full-featured paid search marketing software solution that can increase your marketing team's productivity and improve paid ad positioning, while lowering search marketing costs.

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Don't Throw Marketing Money Away: Find the Right Keywords for Paid Search

The first step in any search marketing campaign, including paid search, is keyword research. Traditionally, businesses have developed their keyword lists through a combination of brainstorming and consulting a few free, third-party keyword suggestion tools. The problem with this method is that you're not guaranteed to find keywords that are truly relevant to your site and products. In paid search, bidding on the wrong keywords is like throwing your advertising budget out the window. 

Relying on typical keyword tools can harm your paid search campaigns in the following ways: 

  • Irrelevant keywords: These tools provide a limited list of very popular keyword phrases. Because they're so general, it's hard to know if people searching on those terms would really be interested in your unique offering (or be ready to buy).

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  • Inaccurate data: The numbers associated with the keywords are less than dependable, and since they're based on global search patterns, they may not apply to local businesses.
  • No competitive edge: Anyone can use these tools and get the same keywords. Your paid search campaigns will suffer from a lack of privacy.

WordStream's keyword management solution provides a better way to discover relevant keywords to bid on. The software mines your own Web server log files and analytics to produce a completely personalized and proprietary keyword database. Best of all, because your data is based on the actual keywords that searchers have used to find your website, you know they're relevant to your offering.

WordStream also helps you tap into the long tail of search—that is, the longer, less frequent keyword phrases that actually add up to a greater volume of visits than the few most common keywords. Long-tail keywords tend to show a high degree of intent, so they can be excellent candidates for your paid search campaigns. For example, it's a good bet that someone who searches on "organic dog food free shipping" is later in the buying cycle than someone who searches on "dog food" alone. 

Write Better Paid Search Ads Faster with Ad Text Tools

Bidding on the right keywords is only part of the paid search marketing battle. You also need to create relevant, compelling text ads. This will ensure that your ad shows up in the first place—kind of important!—but also that search engine users are drawn in to click. A high click-through rate (CTR) makes for more cost-effective paid search campaigns. You'll lower your cost per click and cost per acquisition, while improving Quality Score and securing better ad positions.

TIP: The most clickable, Quality Score friendly ads for paid search are:
  • Highly relevant to the user's search query. Be sure your ad addresses the query directly and leads the user to an appropriate landing page on your website. For instance, if the keyword is "natural dog food," use those specific words in the ad and don't lead the searcher to a general pet food page.
  • Eye-catching without being spammy. Include a call to action (entice them to buy your product or sign up for a free trial, for example) but don't use all caps, multiple exclamation points or phrases like "Click here."

WordStream's ad text generator gets you started by automatically populating your text ad fields with algorithmically relevant keywords. The preview shows you how your ad will appear in paid search results.

Paid search ads

From here you can easily adjust the language and punctuation to craft an appealing message for your potential customer base. And because WordStream is integrated with your Google AdWords account, you can publish ads, adjust bids and make other changes to your PPC search campaigns right within your keyword management platform.

Try WordStream for Paid Search Engine Advertising 

WordStream software simplifies and adds value to all your paid search engine marketing processes, from initial keyword discovery to publishing ads to final bid management. Learn more about WordStream:


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