Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Training - Be More Productive and Relevant...For Less Money

Just by navigating to this page, you're unveiling some really important facts about yourself. For starters, you obviously have an interest in search marketing. Your interest, though, isn't a passive one. You're not idly curious; you're tasked with promoting a product or service and are looking for a tangible, actalytics platform that will help with search engine marketing strategies and practices that you can realistically implement. Chances are that one of the following might apply:

  • You're unhappy with your current search marketing solutions.
  • You don't yet have any search marketing solutions.
  • You're open to new ideas (you wouldn't mind finding some better search marketing solutions).

In any case, you're throwing away money, every single day. A recent study conducted by Enquiro Research concluded that better paid and organic search positioning offered what the company described as:

  • A significant lift in brand affinity
  • A significant lift in brand recall
  • A significant lift in purchase intent

PPC training is invaluable; the graphic depicts the power of effective search marketing.

Photo courtesy of the Brand Lift of Search Whitepaper.

You might fall into one of these categories:

  • You're a marketer looking to find out what you can do with search.
  • You're a marketer looking to find out how you and your company can do more with search. 
  • You're a search marketer seeking streamlined processes and the most efficient means of servicing your clients or your company. 

Regardless of why you're interested in search marketing, it's essential that you be aware of the best practices, and it's vital to your business interests that you find the most efficient system for carrying them out. The following training modules discuss a series of legitimate, thoroughly tested truths about paid search engine marketing (also known as Pay-Per-Click Marketing) authored by successful search marketing professionals. Additionally, they introduce a new, patented online service that will allow for unmatched efficacy in actually putting these best practices to work for you.

PPC Training Modules

Listed below are the seven individual Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing "best practices," as outlined in our "Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Best Practices" training materials. Following these free SEM and PPC best practices written by PPC Consultants will have you creating high-performance, low-cost paid search campaigns in no time.


Learn how to improve your Quality Score, which in turn will lower your costs and drive more and better qualified traffic to your website.


This module describes the value of keyword research software; specifically, why unique keyword research independent of free and/or easily accessible tools is overwhelmingly valuable.


Learn how to drastically slash the overall cost you're paying for each click on your ad by creating Ad Groups that are designed to raise Quality Score and lower first page and minimum bids.


This section discusses the necessity for workflow prioritization in the maintenance of PPC campaigns, and outlines optimal methodology for effective PPC campaign management.


Find out why negative keyword lists are both crucial and difficult to manage, and learn how negative keyword tools can help.


This module explores the oft-overlooked relationship between PPC and SEO, and describes how you can leverage information from your PPC campaigns to inform your search engine optimization efforts.


Learn about the necessary but overwhelmingly time consuming tasks associated with pay-per-click marketing, and find out how PPC software solutions can handle these challenging functions better than any human could hope to.