Search Advertising: Joining Analysis and Action for Search Engine Advertising Success


Search advertising is a technique used to connect searchers with your products and services through online advertisements.

Search advertising requires advertising through search engines, each with their own specific advertising management platforms--Yahoo search advertising requires using Yahoo! Advertising!, Microsoft uses adCenter, and advertising on Google requires using AdWords.

Search engine advertising works in a pay-per-click format, in which advertisers pay for each users who clicks on their advertisement. Pay-per-click online advertising requires you to bid on specific keywords that relate to your industry. When searchers type in your keywords as a search query, your custom built ads will appear.

Good PPC search engine advertising is all about bidding on the right keywords. In order to advertise on search engines successfully, you'll need to know which keywords will bring you the best results. Unfortunately, the software used to analyze your site’s traffic and conversions tends to be completely disconnected from the software you might use to create your PPC campaigns for search marketing advertising.

WordStream integrates keyword management solutions with keyword analytics and actionable options to create “actalytics”—web analytics that you can act on. This enables you to use your site data as fuel for your PPC search engine advertising with our easy-to-use, all-encompassing interface.

Advertising With Search Engines : Merging Analytics and Action for PPC Search Advertising

WordStream’s keyword management system integrates vital keyword research with AdWords pay-per-click advertising and content authoring tools. This powerful combination enables you to make informed web search advertising decisions and utilize your data towards actions that will optimize your campaigns. Data is useless unless you can act on it, and WordStream’s “actalytics” approach allows you to implement your data in order to make intelligent decisions in pay-per-click search engine advertising.

PPC Search Engine Advertising

WordStream’s analytical tools harvest data and present it to you in an easy-to-understand format that shows you which actions will optimize your web search advertising efforts. You’ll receive valuable PPC search advertising data such as:

  • Recommended keywords
  • Actual visitors and conversion numbers
  • Information from Google AdWords regarding bid pricing and ad performance
  • Negative keyword suggestions

WordStream gives you all the suggestions and online marketing tools you need to transform your analytical data into action that will benefit your search marketing advertising. You’ll gain insight into:

  • Creating and optimizing keyword groups
  • Turning keyword groups into ad groups
  • Crafting winning pay-per-click ads
  • Discovering and designating negative keywords

Gathering PPC Search Engine Advertising Data from Actual Site Metrics

Typical PPC tools like Google’s Keyword suggestion tool rely on global statistics and broad estimates, giving you a mixed bag of results that may or may not be useful to you. You then have to manage and analyze this data yourself, organize it into a spreadsheet, and make monetary decisions based off of it. This becomes risky not just for your wallet and PPC search engine advertising, but also for the success of your business.

Alternatively, WordStream gathers its pay-per-click keyword suggestions directly from its trillion keyword data base, with 3,000 times more long-tail keywords than Google’s keyword tool. With WordStream, you imbed a small snippet of code in your site and it collects traffic data, telling you the exact terms you should be optimizing for or avoiding in regards to your PPC search advertising.

Using WordStream’s PPC software for pay-per-click search engine advertising means you’re able to make informed choices about which ads to create and how much to bid on them because you’re using your own, reliable, up-to-date data. You’re making decisions based on actual traffic numbers instead of predictions or old data gathered from sources that may not even relate to you and your online marketing campaign.

Search Advertising : Web Search Advertising

Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising from One Central Interface

WordStream gives enables you to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency by housing everything you need in one central interface. Optimizing for web search advertising has never been easier.

With WordStream’s integrated dashboard, you can easily:

Operating from this keyword- and analytic-driven shared workspace allows your employees to collaborate without needing to juggle a suite of assorted PPC and SEO tools. Google AdWords is directly integrated so that your updates and changes made in WordStream are automatically synced with AdWords. Analytics and action are joined together to give your team a powerful dashboard with which they can take the reigns of your PPC search engine advertising campaigns.

WordStream’s PPC Search Advertising Solution Makes Search Engine Advertising Easy

Create profitable pay-per-click campaign results with WordStream’s Search Advertising solution. Take charge of your pay-per-click search engine advertising:

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