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Keyword Traffic: Better Traffic Analysis through Keyword Management

Keyword traffic is a valuable indicator of what content on your site is doing the most work, be it driving traffic or triggering conversions. Regular keyword traffic analysis can help you prioritize search marketing workflow, guiding decisions on when it's time to: 

  • Build out dedicated web content or a PPC ad group for a given keyword
  • Update and tweak text ads and landing pages
  • Segment a keyword group into smaller subgroups
  • Designate negative keywords
  • And more

So what's the best way to monitor your keyword traffic and find high-traffic keywords? Third-party keyword suggestions tools are a go-to starting point, but these tools can only provide vague estimates of global keyword traffic volume. As a search marketer, you need real data you can reliably base decisions on.

WordStream's keyword traffic analysis and management software can help you make the most of your own keyword traffic data, which bests free tools in privacy, accuracy and relevance.

Mining Your Own Website Data for High-Traffic Keywords

Perhaps counterintuitively, your own website data is actually a much better source of keyword traffic information than third-party keyword tools.

Take this keyword traffic data served up by the Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Adwords Keyword Tool Traffic Results

These numbers have dubious if any value to your business. For example, the keyword "wholesale custom cabinets" is shown as having "not enough data." But this keyword might actually be very high-performing on your website and in fact fare better than "custom bathroom cabinets"—if, say, "wholesale" is a big part of your business's branding.

The only way to know for sure which keywords drive the most traffic for your specific website is to aggregate and analyze your own keyword data. WordStream software helps you mine your private keyword data (server log files and Web analytics), filter it by traffic source, and organize it into a manageable format.

The first step is to import keywords into your WordStream keyword database.

Import Private Keyword Data

Next, set up the JavaScript tracker, which continuously imports new keywords into your database as new visitors arrive at your site through search. This will keep your keyword traffic data fresh and up-to-date.

Now you can easily track traffic for all your keywords—as well as other user-defined goals such as newsletter signups or white paper downloads.

Keyword Traffic and Goal Analysis

Group and Organize Keywords for More Effective Traffic Analysis

Your search marketing efforts will be far more effective across the board if you practice keyword grouping and organization. Segmenting keywords into small, tightly related groups has a number of benefits for both PPC and SEO. For example:

  • It's easier to write targeted, compelling ads and landing pages for small groups of keywords that are highly relevant to one another. Keyword grouping means you don't have to try to cover all your bases with one very general text ad, nor do you have to write a unique ad for every single keyword.
  • Ad groups with a high degree of internal relevance contribute to higher Quality Scores. A high Quality Score means your ads rank higher in the SERPs for lower costs.
  • A well-organized hierarchy of keyword groups informs your site's information architecture, making it both user-friendly and easily crawled by search engines.

Keyword grouping will benefit your keyword analysis as well, enabling you to look at traffic and conversion numbers for a group of related keywords at a glance.

Keyword Group Traffic Analysis

WordStream's keyword analysis tool includes a suite of keyword grouping tools to help you organize a very large keyword database into small, manageable groups simply and efficiently. WordStream actually suggests appropriate groupings based on frequency and relevance (amount of traffic driven to your site), then automatically groups the related keywords together with one click. This is a huge time-saver over manual keyword grouping in a spreadsheet. Learn more about using WordStream's keyword segmentation tools in our keyword grouping guide.

Looking for ways to increase keyword traffic?

Read our free white paper on keyword management to learn how to drive more traffic and conversions for your best keywords.