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AdWords Call Tracking: Track Calls Back to the Keyword

Did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone? And that 65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable, highest quality source of leads? Given the importance of phone calls, businesses and Google AdWords advertisers need a way to track those calls back to the ads that triggered them. When you know where your calls are coming from, you can make smart decisions about your advertising budget and your sales strategy.

Now, with WordStream’s Call Tracking, you can see precisely which keywords are driving phone calls, and which phone calls result in conversions – it’s better measurement of your offline conversions, made easy, right within WordStream Advisor.

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Taking Control of Offline Conversion Tracking

Approximately half of all marketers say that driving phone calls from paid search ads is their top priority, as is assigning greater value to advertising channels that result in phone calls. WordStream’s AdWords Call Tracking feature makes identifying these channels easy, allowing you to see precisely which keywords drove phone calls and measure the ROI of specific paid search campaigns.

Call Tracking by WordStream will let you see the impact that your paid search campaigns are having on your offline conversions, as well as track and quantify every aspect of the process and delve deeper into the data to make informed decisions about campaign management. Call conversion data will also make the software smarter, by informing the alerts within the 20 Minute Work Week to make more accurate recommendations based on what drove the phone calls a customer receives. This allows you to maximize your ROI, make better optimization decisions, and focus on high commercial intent keywords to eliminate wasted spend.

How Does AdWords Call Tracking Work?

WordStream’s Call Tracking allows you to see precisely which keywords resulted in a phone call. The tool tracks the duration of the call, tracks it as a conversion based on duration, records it, and provides you with a range of call tracking metrics, including geographical location, the type of device used and more.

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Call Tracking works in four stages:

1. A prospective customer performs a search, sees your ad, and then clicks on it.

2. They are then taken to a dedicated landing page displaying a unique phone number that can be tracked by Call Tracking.

3. The prospect clicks on the number (in much the same way as typical call extensions work in AdWords), at which point the call is transferred to your business.

4. The call connects, at which point a range of data is captured about the caller, including the keyword that triggered the call, the duration of the call, and the campaign from which the ad was displayed, and whether or not the call resulted in a conversion (based on call duration).

To make it even easier to identify calls resulting from your PPC campaigns, when the call is connected to your business, you’ll hear the word “WordStream” before the caller speaks. When the call is finished, all the relevant data is made available through the AdWords Call Tracking dashboard. Calls that hit and/or exceed the set duration of time will be tracked as conversions. The conversion data will give you a clearer picture of account performance, and help better inform tools throughout the software such as the 20 Minute Work Week, Manage PPC, and your monthly Success Report.

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking?

In addition to providing you with a reliable, accurate and quantifiable way to track the effectiveness of offline conversions and phone conversations, Call Tracking also gives you actionable insights and comprehensive reporting on the true return of PPC investment – leads.

AdWords Call Tracking allows you to:

  • Clearly measure your paid search ROI
  • Better manage phone calls driven by PPC
  • Track calls back to specific campaigns and keywords
  • Make better optimization decisions based on phone call conversion data

Let’s take a look at each benefit in more detail.

Clearly Measure AdWords ROI

Demonstrating the return on investment of online conversions is easy. Now, with WordStream’s Call Tracking, doing so for offline conversions is just as simple. The WordStream Advisor software platform now allows you to clearly measure the ROI of all leads driven by your PPC efforts, not just those captured online. This transparency offers a bird’s eye view of your entire paid search spend, as well as your real ROI, not just that of your online conversions.

Improve Service Through Call Monitoring

Call Tracking also allows you to listen to calls driven by the system. This means you can hear what your prospective customers are saying after clicking on your ads, listen to their most common questions or concerns, and identify new ways to improve customer service. AdWords Call Tracking lets you hear exactly what your customers are saying – an invaluable opportunity to gain new insights into how you can make your campaigns even more effective!

Optimize Account Performance

Call Tracking takes the guesswork out of AdWords PPC. By clearly showing you which campaigns are driving leads and conversions, you can optimize your account structure to eliminate wasted spend and only target the keywords, ad groups and match types that are driving conversions. Call Tracking can provide you with detailed conversion data from the campaign level, right down to specific individual keywords.

Receive More Accurate Account Recommendations

The WordStream platform allows you to set a conversion duration to more easily track phone call conversions. For example, if you know a conversion typically occurs after a 60 second phone conversation, then you can easily set this as your conversion duration and each call that lasts 60 seconds or longer will be tracked throughout your account as a conversion.

More importantly, these conversions will be used to improve WordStream algorithms and provide more accurate and relevant suggestions for tools like the 20 minute work week. This will allow you to make more informed decisions when it comes to bidding, setting up negatives, identify costly keywords, etc.

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