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AdWords Keyword Traffic Estimator

AdWords traffic estimations serve as valuable indicators of which AdWords keywords are driving the most paid traffic to your site or triggering the most conversions. AdWords traffic analysis can help you prioritize your search marketing workflow. Taking advantage of this valuable data can help you decide when you can benefit from actions such as:

  • Building out dedicated web content or a Google PPC ad group for a given keyword
  • Updating and tweaking landing pages and text ads
  • Segmenting keyword groups into smaller subgroups
  • Designating negative keywords

An AdWords keyword traffic estimator, like WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, helps you determine what keywords are most valuable to your business. Small business advertisers can use a Google AdWords traffic estimator to monitor keyword traffic, while also discovering new high-traffic keyword ideas based off already successful keywords.

WordStream Advisor provides a comprehensive collection of pay-per-click management tools, including a Google AdWords traffic estimator tool that helps you make the most of your own keyword traffic data, providing privacyaccuracy and relevance.

Mining Your Own Website Data with Google AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool

While third-party keyword tools can be helpful in beginning your keyword research, ultimately your own website data is a superior source of keyword traffic information.

Take this AdWords traffic estimator data served up by the Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

adwords keyword traffic estimation from google keyword planner


These numbers have little, if any, value to your business. For example, the keyword “wholesale custom cabinets” is shown as having just 20 average monthly searches. But this keyword might be very high-performing on your website and, in fact, fare better than “custom bathroom cabinets,” particularly if wholesaling is a big part of your business.

In order to really discover which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site, you’ll need to aggregate and analyze your own keyword data.

Analyze, Group, and Organize Keywords

Your search marketing efforts will be far more effective if you practice keyword grouping and organization. Segmenting keywords into small, tightly related groups has numerous benefits for both PPC and SEO campaigns. For example:

  • It’s easier to write targeted, compelling ads and landing pages for small groups of highly relevant keywords. Keyword grouping means you don’t have to struggle to cover all your bases with one very general text ad, nor do you have to write a unique ad for every single keyword.
  • Ad groups with a high degree of internal relevance result in higher Quality Scores. High Quality Scores allow your ads to rank higher in the SERPs for lower costs.
  • A well-organized hierarchy of keyword groups informs your site’s information architecture, making it both user-friendly and easily crawled by search engines.

Keyword grouping will aid your keyword analysis as well, allowing you to examine traffic and conversion numbers for groups of related keywords easily.

Web Traffic and Analytics Tools from WordStream

WordStream Advisor is an integrated PPC management system, not a “traditional” Web analytics toolset. Our software will help you understand and leverage data about who finds your website through paid search. WordStream Advisor’s QueryStream function, Keyword Research Tool, and other analytics capabilities are specially designed to help drive high-intent traffic to your website, increasing profit margins and helping your business grow. 


wordstream free keyword tool traffic estimator

It does this by:

  • Offering Only Essential Data – Many traffic estimate and analytics platforms will crowd the dashboard full of confusing metrics and daunting charts. WordStream focuses on the crucial statistics that will make or break your search marketing campaign, providing the advanced details only when you want them.
  • Integrating Web Analytics Information into an Actionable Platform – Google traffic estimators and analytics data are useless if you can’t actually act on it. WordStream Advisor not only collects information about your website; it also funnels the data into your WordStream dashboard, where you can start to respond to the information and benefit from your data.

One of example of how WordStream makes it easy to act based off of your personal data is with the Pause Keyword Alerts feature. 

adwords pause keyword alert for unqualified keywords


When WordStream finds a keyword that is performing poorly and dragging down your account, it alerts you to the problem and allows you to pause it with one click, instantly putting a stop to wasted spend.

You can use WordStream to put your data to work in the following ways:

  • QueryStream – Instantly act on the search queries that drive visitors to your site. You can add them to existing ad groups, set them as negatives, and more.
  • Kill Poorly Performing Keywords – Pause or delete keywords that aren’t delivering results. WordStream helps you pinpoint those keywords, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.
  • Grow Your Account – Easily find new areas to improve so that you can keep growing your search reach and continue finding new customers.

With WordStream, you have more than just data; you have the tools and guidance you need to use that data to your advantage, and improve your business.

AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool: Providing Essential Data

WordStream’s Google keyword traffic estimator and other PPC software tools provide you with invaluable data on which keywords are driving the most traffic and website conversions.

adwords traffic estimator


The difference is, this analytic data is fully actionable in WordStream, while other website traffic estimator tools simply offer information without providing a way to easily make the corrections that are needed.

WordStream’s web analytics and traffic estimator tool enable you to:

  • Be More Efficient – Seeing which keywords and groupings are driving traffic and sales can help you better prioritize your workflow. This lets you dedicate your time and energy to other areas of your search engine marketing efforts.
  • Improve Your Results – Being able to view and respond to this critical information is essential for constructing successful search marketing campaigns.

Learn More About WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor provides elite keyword and Google AdWords traffic estimator tools, along with step-by-step assistance for creating and optimizing campaigns. Try it free today!

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