One Weird Trick to Get More Facebook Likes for Free


Unless you have a huge advertising budget, paying for Facebook Likes is nowhere near as valuable as it was five years ago. After all, organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, right?

how to get real facebook likes

However, there is still some marginal value in having a large number of page Likes. If nothing else, Likes serve as a form of social proof. More likes make you appear popular to people who are just discovering your brand. And having more followers gives you a small bit of organic reach.

If you manage a Facebook business page and run Facebook ads, check it out: I've stumbled across a weird hack that allows you to invite real people who have engaged with your content to Like your page – and you don't have to pay a penny. So far, I give the results a big thumbs up.

how to get facebook likes

Facebook's "Hidden" Invite Button

Before going further, I want to be clear. I don't know if this Invite Button is a hidden feature or something that Facebook is testing in beta. This doesn't seem to be available on every Facebook account so you may or may not have it.

Also, what I'll be discussing isn't the invite option Facebook has given us for years ("Invite friends to like this page"). With that option you're limited to only inviting your friends.

No, the hidden Invite button I've found is completely different. It opens you up to reach a new and much bigger audience beyond the people who have already Liked your page.

To find out if your account has access to this Invite button, go to your Facebook Page or the Facebook app (only the regular Facebook app, not the Facebook Pages Manager App, which doesn't appear to have this feature).

hidden facebook invite button get more likes

Click on the people who engaged with your post. You'll see three types of buttons:

  • Invite – This is the new button I haven't seen before. Clicking on this will invite the person who engaged with your post to Like your page.
  • Liked – These are the people who have Liked your page already.
  • Invited – These are the people who you have sent an invitation, but haven't yet accepted. 

Limitations of the New Button

There is a limit to the number of invitations you can send per day. It seems to be somewhere between 500 and 1,000.

Once you've hit your limit, Facebook will tell you as much. Check back in a day or two to see if you can start inviting more people who have engaged with your posts.

Also, the Invite button seems to come and go a bit randomly. Weirdly, it doesn't appear every time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

The Results?

Generally, I’ve been seeing an acceptance rate between 15 and 20 percent. That's ridiculously high.

But it makes sense. You’re targeting people who have expressed an interest in your page already by liking your updates. I use remarketing so people who aren’t connected to me on Facebook will see my ads.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've added nearly 1,000 fans using this Invite button. It isn't spam! You're adding them organically.

get more facebook page likes

What's super funny is people have even sent thank you notes. They feel honored that I invited them to my page!

Thumbs Up!

I definitely like the conversion rate – 1 in 5 people I invite to engage end up liking my page. And you can't beat the price.

When you run a paid Like campaign, you don't know for sure who is going to end up Liking your page. It could just be some random person who doesn't even have interest in your product or service. Totally worthless.

However, with this Invite button, you know people have engaged with your content so they're more likely to Like. Hopefully you can keep biasing them positively toward your brand and turn them from fan to customer.

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Jul 11, 2016

We've been using this strategy for a few years.

Anyone want to automate this with a browser extension?

Nov 25, 2016

i want to know how to automate this witha a browser extension

Apr 12, 2017

I did the extension, I am not able to paste the link here, search for it in google webstore or write me:

Jul 12, 2016

Good one, I had no idea about this trick. Make sense if it works pretty well. Thanks!

Jul 12, 2016

Well, that was easy! Within minutes, new likes from people who already like our stuff.

Jul 12, 2016

Larry, does Facebook notify the user that the page requested that they follow or does Facebook notify the user that myself, the manager - my personal account, requested that they follow the page?

Jul 13, 2016

Thanks for this info! Never knew about this feature. Just tried it and will see what happens.

Jul 13, 2016

Yes, this trick is an old one. I have use it for a long time and it works exactly as the post says.

Henk Meijer
Jul 17, 2016

HI Larry,

Great tip! Indeed works great. Are you next year again in Amsterdam with friends of Search? I enjoyed your presentation. Would be great to hear/see you there again.

Best of luck, greetings from Henk from Holland!

Jul 18, 2016

I just wanted to respond with our one week results.

22% of people who liked our posts ended up accepting the invite to like our page. We increased the number of page likes by 9% . . . IN ONE WEEK

Thank you.

Mr. Reiley Green
Jul 20, 2016

The post is really appealing and it really works. I tried the way you told to do so in your post and I hope it will increase my organic page likes. I started using the trick you mentioned in your blog just now and it's great. Thank you

Jul 29, 2016

This is one of those times when you say to yourself "naaaaaaah, this is too good to be true". And then it actually works.

Thank you for sharing this! Great article and amazing find!

buy social plan
Oct 13, 2016

I always like reading posts, articles and updates online. You have a very interesting page. Thanks for a given such a good information.

Drake Nicholson
Oct 17, 2016

Awesome , with just only 1 trick .:)

Nov 19, 2016

For me, is not available. I only have the option to ”Add friend”, when I click on the list of people who liked a post.

Dec 27, 2016

Having same problem

Nov 29, 2016

Hello, to me it only shows "add friend" is that the same behaviour? thanks.

Devesh Chauhan
Mar 30, 2017

It works for pages under 100K likes.

Dec 01, 2016

This is good and all but I need people to engage with my posts first XD

Dec 28, 2016

There is one big caveat to your 'invite like' functionality that you seem to be promoting here. I will remain anonymous but we have a popular page and found out about this function, be very careful with this function, what looks to be sexy from the outside is really not. We boosted likes for money and had thousands of people like the post we invited them all to like the page and yes you're right we had about 15-20% success rate but we had thousands of people who just clicked for no reason. apparently in some part of the world that is how they interact. If you want real success you have to spend a fortune some estimate is like 3£-5£ per click for europe and english speaking countries. For asia and developing nations we've seen it as low as 0.05 cents per click. Just an FYI for you all. We've realised there is no true organic way to boost or build likes. its all fantasy unless youre pushing crap buzzfeed outbrain style content. We push genuine good content and you have to pay to have that liked. people say good content is the key thats rubbish, good content + money is the key. There aint no shortcuts here.

Mary Grace Faulkerson
Feb 03, 2017

Oh wow, never knew this! Thank you for sharing :)

Feb 05, 2017

HI Larry,

Nice tip! Indeed works great.

Roshan Singh
Mar 06, 2017

Nice blog..Thanks!

Jul 29, 2017

Thanks! I just used this technique and it worked like a charm. Over 200 Likes in just under an hour. Thanks for the post :)

Wenwen Smart Jewelry
Aug 31, 2017

Why my facebook do not has the hidden invite button?

Jenny Roberts
Oct 23, 2017

Great!! it is really useful, thank you for sharing!

Rohit Joshi
Nov 01, 2017

Thanks for the info i will try to figure it out for more likes

Jan 04, 2018

Where I've to find the hidden button of Invite? I tried a lot of time but even I can't able to find it on my facebook page. Please let me help find and get likes.

All Marketing Trends
Jan 12, 2018

Thank you. I will try your methods to increase facebook likes

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