Kristina Simonson

Kristina Simonson

Kristina Simonson is a digital marketing specialist at WordStream and is in charge of managing our own paid search and paid social accounts. When she’s not busy driving leads, she enjoys traveling, running, and adventuring for the best margarita in town.

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Paid Search Conquesting: How to Squash Competitors Without Starting a War

Competitive keyword bidding is notorious for starting bidding wars, where both parties can be negatively impacted as their brand name visibility is threatened and their CPCs increase. However, competitive search campaigns are also a way to capture brand visibility and awareness among a highly relevant audience. Learn how!

How to Link Google Ads & Search Console to Understand Your Paid & Organic Search Relationship

Learn how you can better understand the relationship between your organic and paid search marketing efforts by linking your Google AdWords and Search Console accounts.