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Keyword Organization: Improve Your Search Marketing Performance

Keyword organization is the process of grouping huge lists of keywords into tighter, more relevant keyword groups.

Proper keyword grouping and organization has a profound effect on both paid and organic search marketing.

  • SEO – By generating content around narrowly-focused groups of well-organized keywords, you’ll produce pages that rank better in the SERPs. Higher ranking pages receive more traffic.
  • PPC – By grouping keywords into tighter ad groups and crafting relevant ad text and landing page copy, you’ll achieve a higher Quality Score, which results in less ad spend.

Most search marketers understand the significance of keyword organization and how big a role it plays in achieving a high-performing search campaign.

Unfortunately, they also know that keyword organization is a labor-intensive, low-value and complex chore.

In an industry where time and money are limited, it seems impractical to spend so much time on such low-value tasks.

WordStream Takes the Aggravation Out of Keyword Organization

With WordStream, keyword grouping is no longer a time-consuming and tedious task.

Unlike tools typically used for keyword grouping, like Excel, WordStream’s Keyword Organization Tool was built specifically for organizing large groups of keyword phrases into tighter, more relevant keyword groups in just a few clicks.

This translates into more productivity in less time. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you only spent a fraction of your efforts and overhead on your keyword organization?

SEM Never Sleeps: WordStream Makes Keyword Organization a Continuous, Nearly Automatic Process

SEO and PPC are ongoing efforts that require keyword discovery on a constant basis, yet most keyword organization tools are static and stagnant. So there’s a big disconnect here.

WordStream, on the other hand, is a dynamic keyword tool built for an active, constantly changing industry. It arms search marketers with the tools they need to stay relevant and competitive, by being:

  • Continuous – WordStream is forever mining your server logs, looking for new search queries and keyword opportunities to capitalize on.
  • Automatic – WordStream automatically organizes your newly discovered keywords into your existing keyword groups, according to various rules you set.

So what happens is potential customers land on your site, the search queries are recorded, WordStream funnels new queries and keywords into your account, growing your keyword lists and your search possibilities every day.

Having this constant flow of site-relevant keywords fed into your search campaign gives you the ability to target new customers and expand your revenue stream.

In addition, if or when you import supplementary keywords using WordStream’s Google-based keyword suggestion tool, they’ll automatically be funnelled into the appropriate keyword groups in your existing hierarchy, so your database stays maximally organized and relevant.

Organize Your Keywords…Then Act!

Organizing your keywords into tight clusters of relevant keywords is only useful if you take action.

WordStream’s Keyword Organization Tool makes taking action almost effortless. By directly interfacing with its campaign publishing tools, WordStream allows you to easily prioritize and author relevant copy for your SEO or Pay-Per-Click marketing efforts.

With the click of a button, a keyword group can become an ad group for your PPC campaign.

With more organized and relevant copy you now can:

  • Generate landing pages that better engage your target audience. By speaking the searcher’s language and recognizing keyword intent, you’ll see more opportunity for conversions.
  • Gain more exposure in the search engines. More relevant pages rank higher. This is true in both natural and paid search.
  • Save money on ad spend. With PPC, better organization leads to more keyword relevance, better ad copy and higher Quality Scores.

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