Buying Twitter Followers: The (Cheap) Price of Friendship

By Megan Marrs May 16, 2013 Posted In: Twitter Comments: 64

We all know social media is a hugely valuable element of online marketing when it comes to building a customer base, search engine rankings, and brand recognition. As a major player, Twitter is one of the most important and popular social media networks frequented by users around the globe.

Obtaining a high number of followers is a landmark goal of many Twitter users. Getting those followers isn’t always easy though, which leads some innocent businesses to wander down the shady path towards the ominous castle black-hat, wherein lies the dark tactic of buying Twitter followers.

buying twitter followers does it work

With a simple swipe of a credit card, you can obtain legions of your own mindless Twitter drones! To buy or not to buy? Let’s review the reasons for and against buying Twitter followers.

In this post, we'll be looking at:

Reasons Why You Should Buy Twitter Followers

Look Like a Boss: A Big Twitter Following Makes You Appear Important

Twitter followers freeLet’s face it, a lot of social media activity is already just thinly veiled narcissism. Those who give themselves a pat on the back when their newest instagram post gets 13 likes must certainly be temped by the idea of buying more Twitter followers.

Businesses have the advantage of labeling their self-promotion as branding, but ultimately it’s two sides of the same coin. There’s no judging here though – we’ve all felt the rewarding confirmation that comes with a retweet.

While boiling down the value of your online presence to a mere number on Twitter sounds ridiculous, there’s really no denying that one’s Twitter following, despite being a vanity metric, is often thought to correlate with a user’s importance. For clubs booking comedians or venues hosting bands, a high Twitter following can easily put you ahead of the competition. A large Twitter following shows promise and possibility  - not just of a good show, but of bringing in more followers and fans in to see the show, and therefore bringing in more money.

Even if the followers are fake, the clout that comes with a high Twitter following is very much real. A boost in Twitter followers can transform a stand-up amateur into a professional comedian, a garage band into a rising star, a movie extra into fresh new talent, and a small business into an authoritative source. Individuals have even been hired for job positions as a result of their high Twitter following, since the number serves as a representation of how powerful your online word can be.

With fake followers it’s all a masquerade, so it really comes down to how long you can push the act or live the lie.

Bandwagon Syndrome

Related to the previous section, once real users see your Twitter numbers rising, they’ll be more likely to follow you as well. If someone claims to be an expert food critic but only has 23 followers, most will think that the only food they’re judging is their mom’s mac and cheese. If that number is more like 800 or 2,000, they become a considerably more reputable source – one that users will be much more likely to follow. This means your Twitter robot followers are actually generating real followers as a result of your imagined prestige.

Easier & Cheaper

It’s a heck of a lot easier to buy followers on Twitter than earn them. Gaining a real Twitter following takes time and effort – you need to consistently be sharing great content, posting hilariously witty remarks, or broadcasting the latest news.

You could put in all that effort… or you can grab your wallet and buy a militia-sized army of Twitter followers for less than a Starbucks Frappuccino. On Fiverr, where users provide various products or services (often web related) for only $5, marketers are promised as many 8,000 Twitter followers within 24 hours in exchange for an Abraham.  

buy twitter followers cheap

All The Cool Kids are Doing It

Start-ups, celebrities, and politicians alike have been known to buy more Twitter followers – it’s a fairly common practice for those who have something to gain from amassing a large number of Twitter followers in a short period of time.

According to the Fake Follower Check tool from StatusPeople, which claims the ability to determine how many of a user’s Twitter followers are fakes, 71% of Lady Gaga’s over 35 million followers are fake or inactive, along with 70% of President Obama’s nearly 30 million followers.  

It’s Not All That Bad

If the President of the United States has fake Twitter followers, it can’t be all that bad, right?

While purchasing bot Twitter followers is against Twitter’s terms and white-hatters might scoff at the idea, it’s completely legal. One also has to question how corrupt buying Twitter followers really is compared with regular Twitter marketing practices like paying for a promoted hashtag – is it just a matter of splitting hairs?

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers

Can You Even Call Them Followers?

You’re not really buying Twitter followers so much as mindless spam bots. You won’t have any interaction or engagement with these robo-accounts. Do you really want to be the sad kid who only has robots for friends – robots you had to buy?

It’s An Empty Number

All the fake Twitter followers in the world won’t do much to raise your Klout score. Social media influence scores tend to look at interaction and Twitter engagement rather than sheer numbers, so you won’t be getting any added SEO or influence bonus with the inflated metric. Those skewed Twitter numbers also make it much more difficult to properply measure social media ROI and the true effect of your social media efforts.

Is Buying Twitter Followers Safe?

There are a number of dangers associated with buying Twitter followers. Many of the sites that offer to sell you more Twitter followers are a scam – you may put up your hard earned cash and come away with absolutely nothing. Often these nefarious groups are simply looking to take advantage of businesses that don’t know any better, or are hoping to cash in on desperate marketers looking for a quick fix. Providing them with your credit card might not be the brightest idea.

Your fake followers could also end up doing damage against your real Twitter followers by hacking, phishing, and infecting real followers with link spam. Is it worth buying Twitter followers when you consider all the risks?

buy more twitter followers

Public Humiliation & a Ruined Reputation

With tools like the Fake Follower Check tool, it’s pretty easy to discover who is desperate enough to buy friends.

Is buying twitter followers safe?

While the high Twitter number may feel cool, your real followers aren’t likely to share your perspective, and you might end up a laughing stock and lose the few real followers you do have. Especially for businesses hoping to be viewed as industry experts, being caught cheating can do serious damage to your reputation.

While Twitter isn’t making huge efforts to clean up spam accounts at the moment, who knows what action they may take in the future. If Twitter does decide to clean up the spammers, it’ll be pretty embarrassing when your follower count drops by half.

All right, you understand both sides. If you’re still interested in buying…

How to Buy Twitter Followers

There are a couple different approaches you can take for buying Twitter followers.

Buy Cheap Fake Twitter Followers: You can buy cheap Twitter followers, but the most economical Twitter services provide only fake bot followers. It doesn’t take Jack Dorsey to figure out that this profile isn’t real.

Buying Twitter Followers

Buying Twitter followers cheap gets you faceless, bland bot accounts – these are referred to as generated followers. Pricier services provide Twitter followers with more finely polished profiles, with pics and bios filled out.

Buy Real Twitter Followers: If fake doesn’t float your boat, buying real Twitter followers is a preferred option, although it isn’t likely to be as cheap as buying fake followers.

You can buy access to real followers using Twitter follower software that searches through and finds Twitter users with interests similar to yours and automatically follows them, hoping that they will follow you in return. This process is referred to as buying targeted Twitter followers.

Where to Buy Twitter Followers

If you’re set on buying Twitter followers, here are some sites that sell them.

Fiverr: Search Fiverr for “buy Twitter followers” and you’ll immediately find a long list of sellers offering to provide you with anywhere from 100 – 15,000 followers in less than 24 hours. While the legitimacy of some offers is questionable, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this.

Fast Followerz: This group claims to provide real, active followers that regularly tweet, update, and are engaged. They also offer a Followerz Protection five-year warranty, guaranteeing the top-notch quality of the targeted followers offered.

FollowerSale: FollowerSale uses a credit system to encourage real users to follow their customers, providing live, active followers as a result.

Devumi: Devumi provides cheap followers, doesn’t require a password, and doesn’t make you follow anyone in return. They also offer credit card alternative payment methods like PayPal.

The best sites to buy Twitter followers from are those that provide targeted Twitter followers that are real and active. Stay safe by avoiding sites that ask for your Twitter password or unnecessary info.

The Legit Don’t Quit: How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Naturally

If you’ve decided to take the moral high ground and not buy Twitter followers, don’t despair about missing out – there are plenty of ways to get Twitter followers naturally. These legitimate, earned followers are more valuable because you’ve built a relationship with them. These relationships will prove much more prosperous than those silly faceless egg accounts.

  • Target Others in Your Industry: Getting the attention of big-name tweeters in your industry can do a lot for your reputation, so be sure to follow and interact with them. Just one retweet or mention from a well-respected industry leader can greatly increase your Twitter followers.
  • Tweet During Peak Times: Tweet when your tweets are most likely to be seen – generally between 10 am and 4 pm. 
  • Link to and Promote Your Twitter Handle: Link to your Twitter handle on your blog, website, and other social media accounts. Put it on your business card, use it in your guest blogger bio, and announce it when you speak at conferences. The more you link to your Twitter handle and promote it, the more followers you’ll bring in.
  • Share Something of Value: Make yourself a person of value by tweeting resources related to your industry, or just fun and interesting content. Also make sure to retweet the great content shared by others – this shows that you’re not just self-promoting and are actually interested in spreading quality information from a variety of sources.
  • Hashtags:  While you don’t want your tweets to be a messy glob of ###s, implementing some hashtags now and then makes your tweets easier to find and can help spread your scope while gaining Twitter followers.

A Final Word: Why the Long, Hard, and Earnest Road is Best

Increasing your followers on Twitter naturally isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the end. Just a handful of engaged, active followers is infinitely more valuable than hundreds of fake accounts that do nothing more than add to an ego-stroking number.

Buying Twitter followers harkens back to the old days of SEO, evocative of outdated black-hat logic that grows less fruitful and more damaging as an increasing emphasis is put on quality over quantity. Buying Twitter followers may provide some temporary sense of instant gratification, but the potential backlash of being found out as a liar or fraud can quickly undo any advantages and permanently destroy your reputation.

For small businesses, such growing pains are essential for character development –Twitter is a valuable space for businesses to test and hone their personality, be it humorous, technical, or offbeat. Brand persona and Twitter following grow together as a result. Discovering and becoming a power player in your niche is what really increases your Twitter following, and bypassing such steps results in a hollow brand trying to survive off a vanity metric.

So fight the good fight, earn your followers the old-fashioned way! Or don’t. It’s your call.

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Thursday May 16, 2013

Don Sturgill (not verified) Said:

Well, Megan, first you had me running for cover, then pulling out my wallet to get Twitter followers fast, then heading back for cover again. 

Guess I'll just start conversing with others on Twitter and build my numbers the hard way.

Thank you for an informative (and soul-wrenching) article.

Friday May 17, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Ha, sorry to give you the run around Don. I hope I'm not causing you too much cognitive dissonance! I actually went through the same feeling doing research for the topic. After seeing how many followers I could get for just $5, I was considering it....and maybe I still am, haha! 

I felt I needed to end on an anti-buying note because I like to think of myself as someone who wields a green light saber, but honestly, I think the real danger would be in thinking that all you need to do is boost that Twitter number, and then you can pack up and go home. If you chose to buy a few, earn a few, I don't think that would be so terrible. ;)


Thursday May 16, 2013

Elisa Gabbert Said:

What I want to know is, where do I buy favorites? ;)

Thursday May 16, 2013

Victor Pan Said:

There's a Fiverr for that... for the brave souls who'd like to experiment for the greater good.

Friday May 17, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

I think the new catch phrase, instead of "there's an app for that" can be "there's a Fiverr for that."

Thursday May 16, 2013

yogesh goplani (not verified) Said:

If the fact that Lady Gaga and Barack Obama have so many fake/inactive followers is true, then I guess I was asleep since a very long time. 

I always believed that having genuine followers is the best policy, and you just reinforced my belief. Thank you Megan. smiley

Friday May 17, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

I found that surprising too Yogesh! Glad to confirm - usually the hard road is the most honest, and worth it in the end!

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Sarwar (not verified) Said:

Yeah! I thnik so. I always like to buy followers at twitter as well as for my pinterest account. And after buying a large number of followers my account are still active! So, I think there is no risk.

Thursday May 16, 2013

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Great and very thorough article, Megan.  You really covered a lot of ground with this one!  Sure got me thinking.

Friday May 17, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:


Friday May 17, 2013

Plan A Plus (not verified) Said:


A good article on an interesting subject.  Having only recently set up my own blog and twitter account I had thought about writing an article on social media in general and twitter in particular since I really like twitter and use it personally with family and friends.  I think I'll stick to the long hard read as you call it.




Friday May 17, 2013

Randall Magwood (not verified) Said:

Hi Megan,

Would you consider followers from software like "Tweet Adder" or "HootSuite" to be filled with fake twitter bots?

Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

HI Randall,

I haven't personally used Tweet Adder, but looking at their website, I think they are a social media management business like HootSuite. I've used HootSuite, and it helps you with finding and discovering users, managing tweets and engagements etc. HootSuite helps you organize and manage many aspects of Twitter, which can in turn make it easier for you to gain more followers, but they don't offer to sell you Twitter followers, and there are no bots involved. 

Saturday May 18, 2013

Tech Blog (not verified) Said:

I'm really not sure where I sit on the fence on this. I have used Facebook and Twitter advertsing in the past to pay for real followers. Even some people find this morally wrong. I certainly wouldn't pay for thousands of followers as you would easily for caught.

Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Well, you're not buying followers with advertising, you're paying to get your message in front of more people, who then might follow you as a result. It's still their choice to follow you or not. Very different strategies.

Sunday May 19, 2013

Jose (not verified) Said:

No matter how many twitter followers/favorites you might have, the key for you is to have your content shared. You can hardly achieve this with fake followers. I'm afraid the hard way it's the only way to go forward.

Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Agreed Jose. A purchased Twitter following may look good, but it's pretty useless outside of the brag factor.

Monday May 20, 2013

Raviraj (not verified) Said:

Well Yogesh the actual point is that these are big personalities and its really hard to make out that these brands are having fake or inactive followers.
Having genuine followers is and will be the best technique to increase the number of followers.

Thanks Megan for the article



Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

You're welcome Raviraj! I think since people already assume that celebrities should have a large Twitter following, they never suspect that the number could be a fake!

Monday May 20, 2013

Jose (not verified) Said:

It is important for the content to be shared, and this cannot be done with fake followers. It can even be counterproductive for your online strategy as Google will see the number of followers going up and down, and most of them probably inactive.

Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Good point Jose. Yup, the point of Twitter is really to share content and engage with others. If your followers are all fake, Twitter becomes a pretty pointless endeavor.

Monday May 20, 2013

Rekha (not verified) Said:

What can I say? I became aware of what I call "shady practices"a year ago when I staterd freelancing in earnest. Almost everything is up for sale at the right price even babies and baby names. I have been on Twitter for over three years now and have a modest 800 odd followers. All are natural connections but even a lot of these can be dead links as somenever tweet after the initial phase or never attempt any contact with you.  

Bought links are easily identifiable on accounts with very few tweets (and hardly any interaction) but with a large number of folowers. In fact, I came across a guy who was livid that his paid twitterati were abandoning his company's tweet flagship. I had to laugh. I've heard of honesty among thieves but this was carrying it a bit too far.

One man's meat is another man's poison. You just have to ask yourself if  bought numbers can serve as a cover up for shoddy products or services in the long run.


Monday May 20, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Very true Rekha. Shady practices might have some decent short-term results, but long-term they are worthless or even damaging. Not worth the risk really!

Thursday August 08, 2013

fansblaster (not verified) Said:

The most economical Twitter services provide only fake bot followers. And there are many hackers in the form of twitter followers. So you should have to be carefull about buying followers for twitter..Otherwise they will get the personal information which should be confidential for any social site..

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Jana (not verified) Said:

A great article that covered all angles.Thanks for your insights Megan. Navigating the land of social media is so overwhelming...I sometimes wish it would just go away! :)

Friday October 17, 2014

Michael E. Callan (not verified) Said:

I say watch out. I purchased 200000 real followers in a hope to quickly triple my #'s instead they were deleted as fast as they were added by Twitter. Since I used PayPal, I filed to get my money back. Then I lost 40k real hard earned followers and would have lost all if Twitter had not caught it and stopped it by freezing my account.

Friday September 19, 2014

James Morgan (not verified) Said:

Now Twitter is very keen to remove the fake followers and there are few website which help to find the followers or fake a real.

Monday August 11, 2014

Rebecca Williams (not verified) Said:

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites that is followed by celebrities and fans alike. Many companies advertise in Twitter to make their brands popular.

Tuesday July 29, 2014

Kevin Strasser (not verified) Said:

One option you did not consider is that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Using a service like TribeBoost you can easily get new followers. Real followers.  People that are real, high-quality, and targeted to whatever your niche is.

TribeBoost has been offering this for two years now, but still many people are not aware of us. We do things the right way and follow all Twitter terms of service rules.



Tuesday May 13, 2014

menu (not verified) Said:

Thanks for your great post.  Have to agree 100%, don't buy fake twitter followers, buy twitter followers that are real only as it will hurt you fake followers

Monday March 17, 2014

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

this is the good article for good readers

i really like this kind of stuff


Thursday November 21, 2013

Jim (not verified) Said:

In traditional media, business sent its message to as many as possible (bang for the buck) without regard to whether the prospects had "follower" interest. The purpose was to create awareness. It's how large companies grew and maintained market share, seeking ubiquity in brand recognition.  It's why elected policiticians with the largest advertising budgets win nearly every election. 

A large Twitter following doesn't guarantee business success, but the resources and time required for the average small business to grow a following one follower at a time make it a bad value and poor business decision. While Ashton Kutcher and CNN could publicly race to sign up 1 million followers in a matter of days, the typical small business has no similar opportunity. Buzz is buzz and for small business the choice mostly comes down to either buying Twitter followers to see if a Twitter channel is beneficial or leave Twitter to celebrities and big business.

Wednesday October 23, 2013

Social Fans (not verified) Said:

Twitter now very powerful detecting spam. So buying Twitter followers is not safe. There is possibilty to lost those followers.

So I suggest before buy any followers first check their reputation by using WOT plugins. It will help to prevent scam.



Tuesday October 15, 2013

Here (not verified) Said:

Having a new account with just 5-10 followers definitely does not look good especially if it's the account of an organization, company or celebrity. I'm not against paid followers but you should not overuse that technique. You can use it for a new account just to make it look popular but afterwards it's better to use organic and natural ways to acquire real followers.

Tuesday October 08, 2013

j. johnson (not verified) Said:

Interesting article.

Both side have equally valid points, but in my experience, the key to buying twitter followers or any social medias followers, is to find a reliable trustworthy source. I have bought and lost followers from several plaices until I tried . I have bought exclusively from them and never had any problems at all. They even replenished the volume of twitter followers that I had before. When I email them, they respond. There are many cheaper, but I will stick with . They also suppler other social media followers. If you are going to buy, save yourself the grief and use And no, I don’t work for them. Just trying to save you from my mistakes.





Saturday September 21, 2013

Ian (not verified) Said:

its a difficult topic, there are reasons why you would want more social signals but to be honest it really is for companies to make them look bigger than they are.

Buying off a company who has 2 followers might make you think the company is really small but the truth could be that they only created the twitter account a day ago.

Difficult topic, good read.

Tuesday September 10, 2013

Anonymous (not verified) Said:

Can somebody tell me where these real followers come from? Are their accounts hijacked an somehow made to follow accounts that are not of their choosing? Or did they unwittingly agree to let the provider make them follow a certain number of accounts without them realizing?

Monday September 02, 2013

Alex Rhea (not verified) Said:

I believe you can do both.  I say this because competition is fierce.  One needs to get their message, brand, product or service out there as quickly and as timely as possible.  Topics and interest are forever changing and if your topic or niche is hot at that moment, you need to push the envelope and get noticed quickly before the trend dries up.

Friday November 07, 2014

Car Reviews (not verified) Said:

Great article and very informative.

Friday August 02, 2013

Daniel Bruno (not verified) Said:

I just made a twitter but i want to be legit. Follow me on twitter please: @Litt1eDan. I will follow back immediatly

Wednesday July 31, 2013

Lakki (not verified) Said:



Dude.. you just used the phrase " true affect"  ... effect, not affect.  For the love of god!

Sunday July 28, 2013

Salman Zaib (not verified) Said:

Buying fake twitter followers is waste of money and time. Natural and real works fine.

Friday July 26, 2013

Anna De'vere (not verified) Said:

I could not agree more w/ about 50% of you - I have purchased twitter followers for new projects for years. End-users are 10x more likely to join your new network if they already see that there an established following. No one looks into the followers and with the quality provided by some of the top companies people can hardly tell the differnce. so in that respect you always get what you pay for when buying twitter followers but its worth it none the less!!!

Sunday July 21, 2013

mike (not verified) Said:

She hit the nail on the head when she said that buying followers earns you real followers.  I've bought on many accounts and it always results in lots of legit followers so long as you tweet and interact once you have the fakes.

In other words, buying followers is a great strategy towards actually getting real followers.

Wednesday July 31, 2013

Victor Pan Said:

Oops! We've fixed it for the love of Gode wink

Thanks for the grammar catch Lakki.

Sunday August 18, 2013

nadia (not verified) Said:

on which site did you buy the twitter followers?? want an authentic site to buy from.....apparently there are ,any 'fake' sites,that just take your money

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Hemanth Malli (not verified) Said:

There are two kinds of people, one wants to do right business for right traffic and profit and the other want to get fake traffic for large buisness. I think patience and offcourse money is the crucial point... the people who are not patient try to buy fake followers for quick results and who has patience try all efforts to gain real followers by daily updating useful and interesting stuff to people. But the fact is genuine followers last longer rather than the fake ones !!


Wednesday May 29, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

You got it Hemanth, that's black-hat and white-hat for ya!

Sunday May 26, 2013

Sebastian (not verified) Said:

At the end of the day it comes down to the law of economics. You don't get something for nothing.

If your are not willing to spend time and effort to build up real relationships (Twitter, Facebook, wherever) you may get a huge list.

But a huge list full of hollow bots is as good as no list at all.

Nice post, really good work. 

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Thanks Sebastian. Yup, nothing is free, and shoddy craftsmanship leaves you with pretty bad (and sometimes dangerous) results.

Sunday May 26, 2013

Sarwar (not verified) Said:

Thanks for the information. I just want to say that, I have bought 4000 twitter followers 3 month ago. But my twitter account is still working. rather I have increased my popularity and alos getting many sails at my brand because this number of followers are inspiring my customers to work with me!

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Victor (not verified) Said:

Spoken like a true Pinterest follower service provider. 

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Well Sarwar, you've proven that buying twitter followers can work. Just make sure you counter those bought followers with real followers by keeping to Twitter best practices. Also consider how your new customers would feel if they ever found out you bought those 4,000 followers! If you play with fire, keep a hose nearby. ;)

Wednesday June 12, 2013

eTahmid (not verified) Said:

@Victor. Yes, I a pinterest follower provider.

@Megan Actually my customers are one time usually. And they also know that the followers I will provide are fake. Although they are buying. So, what can I do. Will you tell me I am fraud? :-)

Wednesday June 12, 2013

Victor Pan Said:

Nope, we think you're an absolutely legitimate business created by a demand for businesses that want to succeed in social media. Aside from people who work within the search marketing industry, we know that many small businesses have misconceptions when it comes to successfully using social media for their business. We're fleshing out the pros and cons, risks and benefits, for transparency on what actually happens when you buy 

If you're going to buy twitter followers, WordStream wants you to be prepared. To have a plan B. Social media marketing doesn't run itself.

Monday July 01, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

I second what Victor said ;) 

Thursday May 30, 2013

SKYLEEN (not verified) Said:

Great article I have 2500 followers now  but I did not buy any service .I think if u buy fake  followers there won't be any traffic on your twitter.

I'm a singer songwriter you guys can follow me here and I  always follow back   SKYLEEN@skyleen_

Monday July 01, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Wow, great work! Wish I had that many followers, haha. Congrats.

Saturday June 22, 2013

Mike (not verified) Said:

Now Twitter is very keen to remove the fake followers and there are few website which help to find the followers or fake a real. 

Monday July 01, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

Yeah Mike, I don't think Twitter loves the idea of becoming a haven for bots and spammers.

Monday June 24, 2013

Luke (not verified) Said:

Have to agree 100%, don't buy fake twitter followers, buy twitter followers that are real only as it will hurt you fake followers.

Monday July 01, 2013

Megan Marrs Said:

For realz, you are right Luke.

Tuesday July 09, 2013

Nishadha (not verified) Said:

You have nicely described the pros and cons of buying Twitter followers. I think the stage you buy the followers is very important. If you're a business just starting out and you're actively looking to increase Twitter followers it pays to have some followere intially and this is where buying followers can be extremely useful. Also there are services that lets you buy a targeted set of followers ( based in US etc ). Although it's a bit more costly they are more likely to give you some returns.

P.S - it would be great if you don't have to scroll to read the comment when commenting. Probably will get more longer and engaging comments :-) .

Tuesday July 16, 2013

Aaron Safat (not verified) Said:

I completely agree with you there. Getting many followers up front can have great impact on your potential followers and clients. No one wants to follow someone who has like 10 followers. With that head-start, you can then continue to grow your followers in an organic way. The real lesson is that do not rely completely on paid followers. Buying Twitter followers can surely help you.

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