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5 Mobile Ad Strategies You Need To Be Using


Hey Mark,

A lot of people neglect mobile, I know I have. This is in part because I don't have a mobile smart phone lol and really spend more than enough time in front of a computer to be searching on mobile. Still I have found that upwards of 30% of my traffic comes from mobile!

Dave at NinjaOutreach

Aug 23, 2014

Well written article. Thanks for sharing this with detailed visual instructions. 

Aug 26, 2014

Hey Mark, great post. I have a question- for ecommerce clients that also actively engage in PPC- how do you then go about convincing them that they need to also be on Google shopping? I’m a little curious and wondering whether your knowledge means you perhaps have a better insight and therefore favour one over the other? I can imagine it may be financially difficult particularly for small businesses to invest in both, so am wondering if there’s one that comes out on top?

Mark Irvine (not verified)
Aug 26, 2014

Hi Maria,

The great thing about Google Shopping campaigns is that you don't need to decide whether to run them or traditional search ad. You can run both at the same time and have even more real estate at the top of the Google SERP! And since shopping campaigns also follow the CPC fee structure, showing both doesn't mean it will cost you double.

It's rare that I hear of an ecommerce client that doesn't do well with the shopping campaigns, so if they have to decide between one or the other, I'd advocate for shopping. Those ads are visually appealing, have higher CVR and only show for terms with high commercial intent. Shopping campaigns are also much less time consuming to manage for you too.

Still, if you need help convincing your clients that shopping campaigns are a worthwhile investment, consider testing splitting your budget between a traditional search campaign and a  shopping campaign of their best selling products. I'm sure after a week or so of seeing their new shopping campaign delivering amazing results, they'll be more willing to invest more budget into it.




i always enjoy reading  what more learned people wish to share and as a self taught adwords advertiser i developed my business by pretty much running into every obstacle on the learning curve then eliminating them

they say if you can take away one thing then that learning experience was worthwhile.

well it might be true that much of this was over my head but it solved a big problem for me

i understand mobile is taking over and i run dedicated mobile ads (exact ads) and the one thing i came away with after reading mike irvines column was mobile customers are different they dont want all the content my website has to offer they just simply want an answer now

ive changed all my mobile ads to paul or view our online prices here

as opposed to ph paul to get a free quote

my mobile is optimised and a lot different to my website but mobile has been very disappointing in conversions but is contributing about 25% of clicks

i think what i learnt is these customers are (lazy/Efficient) but they represent quick sales

i wasnt motivating them with a call to action if anything i was refferring them to my website which probhably is counteractive

id really appreciate any advice in getting my mobile side more productive or if anyone has any experiences similar to mine

my business turns over $200k average sale $150 cost per click around $5 i use extensions etc and average about 3.5 position with my ads getting 85-100% conversions (mainly from desktop)

have a happy day regards paul

and once again thankyou mike irvine

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