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Click-through rates vary across different forms of internet marketing!Is your click-through rate good, or good enough?

This is a really common question, but unfortunately the answer to "What is a good click-through rate" will vary depending on a number of factors, including your industry and keywords. Additionally, in many situations your CTR is not nearly as important as your conversion rate.

Still, it’s helpful to have some general guidelines as to what qualifies as a good click-through rate. Keeping in mind that your mileage may vary, here are some benchmarks depending on the platform you're using for marketing.

What is a Good CTR for...

What Is a Good CTR for A Pay-Per-Click Ad?

What's a good CTR for a PPC ad in a Google AdWords campaign? Earlier this year, a Google employee said that beginner advertisers should shoot for a 2% click-through rate. This figure is not set in stone, but it's a reasonable starting point. According to this Googler, as you gain experience with managing a campaign, you should focus more on return on investment (ROI) than click-through rate.

Other PPC experts recommend a 2% to 5% click-through rate for competitive industries and a 5%+ click-through rate for non-competitive industries. The average click-through rate is higher for non-competitive industries because customers with fewer choices are more likely to click on a pertinent ad. For example, someone looking for a pink vintage pinball machine is more likely to click on a relevant ad than someone looking for a printer.

The above figures are for the search network. Keep in mind that PPC ads on the content network will generally have a lower CTR (as well as a lower conversion rate).

What is a Good CTR on Facebook?

Click-through rates on Facebook ads will be much lower than those on AdWords—advertisers have found that CTRs are higher on AdWords because people often go to Google specifically looking to buy something. However, people generally go to Facebook to socialize, so they're not in a commercial frame of mind.

Facebook ad click through rates of 0.05% and 0.1% is considered good

On Facebook, anything above 0.05% to 0.1% is considered good. Facebook employees have stated that a click-through rate below 0.02% is considered poor-performing.

What Is a Good CTR for A Banner Ad?

Average click-through rates for banner ads (like the one below) have been on the decline, but common wisdom is that a CTR above 2% is commendable. The average CTR is much lower (around 0.25%).

What Is a Good CTR for An Email Newsletter?

Here, click-through rates will vary depending on the type of newsletter, among other factors. B2B newsletters (such as the WordStream Performance Tips) tend to have higher CTR than B2C newsletters. In either case, a CTR between 10% and 20% is considered desirable. However, highly targeted emails (personalized messages, behavior-based campaigns, etc.) can often attain click-through rates above 20%.

Email click through rates industry standard at 10% to 20%

Whatever type of campaign you're managing, remember to track your progress. Steady improvement is more important than beating some industry benchmark.


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Dental Recall
Jul 12, 2011

we have had about a .023 CTR on our Facebook ads. Is that decent considering that our target market is strictly people in the dental industry>

VR Kitchen Design Software
Apr 06, 2012

We were getting a CTR of 6% plus while on page 2 of Google UK for  the keywords "kitchen design software"for our site. Now on page 1 with alot more impressions but lower CTR (about 4%).Don't know whether this is good or not, but ulitimately the absolute number of clicks is slightly higher now. I feel that top of page 2 gave better results than bottom of page 1 though.

May 08, 2012

That's interesting, because I am having a similar experience. I'm starting out with very low bids which put me on page 2, and I've been pleased with my CTR's (above 5%).

Cal Emerson
May 29, 2012

YIKES my click through rates are 41% and above! Two percent? Two percent means more room to improve! I can't imagine that low of a rate!

Brian Morris
Aug 15, 2012

I've studied CTR etc for years and I still haven't cracked the code. But I'm happy with a modest ROI.
I've written 20 ebooks, some under my own name - Brian Morris - so I wrote an ebook on 'How to write an ebook' and it sells OK. on Amazon.
Best tip: keep studying the CTR topic. It's like golf. You'll never go round in 18, but it's fun trying.

Aug 29, 2013

Hi there,I am looking to run a campain, almost an affiliate marketing campaign with Blogs/ Charitable Organisations where they would promote my business through a post and a link to our website. In return every customer that goes through our website and is a converted sale they receive a % of the sale. Im trying to work out the effectiveness of the campaigns, to get an idea of sales forecasting. One of these charities have a fan page of 260,000 people, and another blog has almost 40,000 people.In your opinion, what would be the open rate, and click rate? For the charity i was thinking based on mailchimp statistics, 47% would see the post, and then only 3.5% from that will click the post then i made a futher assumption that only 1 in 5 people will be a converted sale. Your thoughts?  

Sumit Thaur
Feb 06, 2014

Nice post...I am also getting a good CTR...I hope this article will help me to imrove my CTR more...Thanks a lot :)

Tienda Erotica En madrid
Nov 03, 2015

Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to “return the favor”.I'm attempting to find things to enhance
my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

Jun 26, 2014

Hi, Great article, I've read the article about the  average CTR as well and I found a lot of useful information.  However, as you state in the opening few sentences, the CTR differs on a number of various reasons, such as market,keywords, optimization, competition and type of industry. And, as is a trend with similar articles that examine the CTR or Average CTR, there is sort of a list of industries and their respectable CTRs. But these are very general estimationsof the expected or wanted CTR, that's why I have a more specific question:  Adult Retail - Our shop has been operating for a few years, strictly in our country and strictly online,(though we have plansin short time to expand outside and in physical stores) and we buy at an international wholesaler and sell adult toys to end buyers.We only started seriously managing our account at the end of February and have a 5.01% CTR across all campaigns, of course campaigns differ from 2.02% and 6.42% CTR, conversion rate is 0.96% and price per conversion 7.67€. Would you, or anyone else who has experience in this, consider that a good start (My motto is that there is always room for improvement, no matter how goodsomething is) for an adult retail shop or not? What are our biggest points of improvements, suggestions (with the limited data I've given here)? We also have a problem generating more traffic. While we are aware that we operate in a small market (there lies the reason of expansion to other countries), we still feel like we can attract good and regular customers to our shop. Any innovative ideas on how to do that?  Well, if you take time to read this whole essay I just wrote, I will be immensely grateful and deem you deserving a cookie. Thanks

Jul 31, 2014

I manage several Google Adwords campaigns, and some of them have a 1-2% CTR, I consider they have a bad number, but I don't know. 

May 20, 2015

Good Article ...I am also getting a good CTR knowledge ...I hope this post will help me to improve my knowledge & my CTR more...Thank You so much :-)